2003 Jeep Liberty 3.7L Flushing The Heater Core

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2003 Jeep Liberty 3.7L Flushing the Heater Core
2003 Jeep Liberty 3.7L Flushing the Heater Core
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Robert Williams: Just wanted to say thanks for the video! Going to be flushing my heater core this weekend along with a thermostat change. Let me know how that blender door goes! May have to do that as well!

Ricky: i just tried that today and it didnt work, topped it off with fluid still no heat only luke warm or cold. when i go fast on highway it comes out hot but just sitting still or driving in town it dont. could my heat core just be bad? what other reasons could cause it to do that. car dont overheat or anything. i have 03 jeep liberty as well just want my heat to work again its cold!

Nina Nearhoff: DeathScouter - Thank you so, so much for your help and video.  My 16 year daughter had no heat coming out of her heater.  I did exactly as you directed and IT WORKED AWESOME!!!  You saved (this single mother) tons of money and provided my little girl with heat.  I can not thank you enough for taking the time and effort to help out with your video....  Your efforts are noticed and so, so greatly appreciated.  It's kind souls like you taking the time to make these types of videos that help out people like me how so note mechanically enkindled.   THANK YOU!!!! : )

Brian Bell: Great video! Just finished this on a 2002 liberty. Thanks for the help!

Odin Runes: You should only put distilled water in the coolant system. If you do not. You will cause corrosion through your whole coolant system.

Walter slugg: Flushing heater cores is awesome to do even when you don't have a problem. If your not getting heat this,is,your first and easiest fix. 2nd would be to check your thermostat and see if it is stuck open.

Vicarious Fan: got a similar problem in my Jeep Liberty, no heat coming out, however now my engine overheats after a few miles. The heat some times come on for a few seconds but then goes away.

Any ideas?

S.david S: Hello So Wich hose is the inlet and outlet Kind of confuse Help ?

Jarod Luba: This video helped me do the job. I should have done this first! I spent money and put in a new thermostat, which solved the problem a couple years ago but not this time. The flush had heat flowing! Much needed in the Kansas City cold weather. Thanks for posting.

tako toko: rulavois zeti

Omar Flores: hello i live i a bulding so we don't have any water near the street , can i just pump air with a compresor to clean the heater core? thank you

Hossam Messiha: Thanx so much man, they wanted to charge me 800$ to replace the heater core , what a rip off

Annony Mouse: I'm not getting heat either but the RPM doesn't seem to matter, no heat at any speed.  Is this the heater core possibly or could the thermostat have something to do with my lack of heat?

kevswick: Did you have to leave the fresh water hose lying on the ground just running away? Waste of precious water drives me crazy!

Pete Riley: Gret video.  I was going to go to the mechanic.  This will work!

Josh Hodges: Now after I do this, do I need to flush the air out of the system? And how do I do that

ktandrews1995: Hey there. So i have a 2002 jeep liberty sport. At first the blower wasnt working to full potential so i replaced the resistor. Now it works better however, i have to wait for heat. Once i get heat it lasts for 30 seconds i then close the vents wait reopen them and it works again. Any ideas on what the problem is?

leslieannsmithhayes: Hello, my 2002 Jeep Liberty Sport has quit heating, not good time as our Polar Vortex hits in MT, lol, so did checking on line. We took it to local Mieneke , they said heater core needed flushed, might as well change it, lol 1,000 plus part cost. After watching your video it looks pretty simple to flush, all an all its been a good running vehicle. Wishing I had a garage, I'd do it myself, seems the mechanics in the shop, and at dealership want to make some money, lol I caint afford those prices, how can I find a honest person to do this for me without raking me over the coals. It's been very upsetting to me. We all got problems, my moms got OVC ovarian cancer, did BRCA testing three of us daughters positive, did screening, did preventive opps, removing ovaries, found BC in my middle sister, I drive 60 miles or so to get back home from where I live to be at moms, dad had operation begining of Nov 60 miles from there, took mom up there, and no heat. hubby said oh Ill look at it, but storm hit. Now, driving car with barley no heat. Soooooo upsetting to have peeps tell me 1,000 dollars to replace heater core, wowza cried off an on at work yesterday. How do I explain to someone it looks pretty simple to flush, and their prices are horrific compared to watching what you did.  : (   

James Beasley: I flushed my heater core on my jeep liberty and now I have heater again.This saved me a couple hundred dollars😂😂😂Thanks Google!!!

DeathScouter: Flushing the core and topping off the fluid DID fix the immediate problem.  However, Jeeps are NOTORIOUS for losing heat as a result of the "air mixture doors" breaking on the INSIDE of the vent system.  These are the doors that open & close when you move the temperature knob on the dashboard and allow/disallow air to flow over the heater core (or not) and route cold/hot air into the vents.  There are 2 doors (1 over the other) that tend to break in the middle of the hinge.  These JUST broke (Dec 2013) so I'll be doing a video on fixing these soon.
2003 Jeep Liberty 3.7L Flushing the Heater Core 5 out of 5

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2003 Jeep Liberty 3.7L Flushing the Heater Core