=AQW= TROLL RANK 10 + Troll Spellsmith Class

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AQW Troll Spellsmith class guide
AQW Troll Spellsmith class guide
Strong BobO Troll Spellsmith Class --aqw--(Enhancements.Skills.High Crits.and more)
Strong BobO Troll Spellsmith Class --aqw--(Enhancements.Skills.High Crits.and more)
AQWorlds: Troll Spellsmith Class
AQWorlds: Troll Spellsmith Class
=AQW= Troll Spellsmith-Class. High Crits. and Solo.
=AQW= Troll Spellsmith-Class. High Crits. and Solo.
=AQW=-How to use the new class Troll SpellSmith
=AQW=-How to use the new class Troll SpellSmith

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Lulu Hulu: +Marcus Lim *

guilherme santos: qual e o nome do luga

Lulu Hulu: Were is the place @Marcus Lim

Jānis Eglītis: I done can go to /join terrariun! ITS DONE WORK!

Jānis Eglītis: What /join it is? Say me plase !

Nick Ladefoged: Dude dont get horc its sucks but not for 1 v 1

paalanpaulo: GOod for you :3

Marcus Lim: @masetr9988 It's ok, but this way is faster ;)

breakingthebread: dude cn u tell me how to get tht many swag token a . ?

Renan .Uzumaki: noob

jihad assoum: i want etherstorm rep

Marcus Lim: @Charizardisdabest1 If ur mem , u can do the for science quest... If not u must get those non mem quest around the map :)

thunderbosz: what do u think is harder do the troll quest or get swag tokens

Levani Aduashvili: dwarfhold rank 10 lol :D

udontknowwatiknow: gratz! lol

agubabubabuba: @RathalosonVolt yea i know im suckish :(

Frenyy: Grattz, I'm going to do same when I finish Jugger quest :D

Gabriel Sena: thanks!!

Ghost Fart: @agubabubabuba depends, did you only farm troll rep with your account?

agubabubabuba: im lvl 24 and troll rank 8 is that good?

simas konderauskas: I let this one that is on the map

firas nar: join?

Ju5raj: how to get a token?

Rhandeezy AE: Hey dude, how do I get fast A tokens? XD

Keevin SP: That place, is a Seasonal Map , from the Event : They Might Be Giants... ¡Search the Map Name at the Wikki! :D

Rosen Rusev: :/ i used botquestworlds

DHJxHD: where ?:|

RJ The Great!: iS THIS RARE.??

1Thedarkside1994: 2:41 You are not that guy with post Trollspellsmith class photo on the wiki looool?

Mr.egg 0: How to get Swag token A?

Marcus Lim: @somthineyaknow Awesome nice

HonopMIdas .: @rikau95 ive been farming for science for 2 days and i got 90 a tokens still farming im gonna use soon cuz of new skyguard class thats gonna get released

King-Xylphone: use rep boost and keep doing that get 10,000 rep each time

Gabriel Maniego: where is this place

Ghost Fart: @masetr9988 thats what like everyone uses now lol

THEMYAFIF: le bot is better than botquestworld

somthineyaknow: nice i did the same thing but with 62 a tokens :P

agubabubabuba: @RathalosonVolt no i used bqw and now im lvl 28 rank 9

Ghost Fart: @rikau95 yeah but botquestworlds can farm when youre at school or sumthin like that, can get you troll and horc class in less than a week

Marcus Lim: @udontknowwatiknow Lol thnx!

Lucas Hanhams: how are u doing thos quest so fast?

Ghost Fart: @agubabubabuba just farm whatever you want whether its leveling or repping :D

ben bishop: what do u join

BeastHealerAQW: I miss this place. This is where I can get the rep...

BtLGangstaCA: i wish i was on aqw when the super fan swag wa still in now im using bot quest worlds 1.9

rainier abille: me to i use botquest

JimZp Melody: Join Is ??? -3-

Dzul Æ: its soo cool bro!

tristan adorable: everyone using bot right

Marcus Lim: @RathalosonVolt true :)
=AQW= TROLL RANK 10 + Troll Spellsmith Class 3.9 out of 5

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=AQW= TROLL RANK 10 + Troll Spellsmith Class