How To Add The 'Xunity Maintenance Tool' To XBMC

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pantelas2010: Name of the background song please? Excellent video, thanks

ELFLACO2005: Found it right after post. Keep up the great vids.

bso joe: Mikey1234 was not on the list of repo's as of 3/23/2014.

Stev We: the maintenance tool doesn't work. there is something messed up in xbmc, because i have extremely fast internet, and don't have any problems dl anything else. i ran the tool, followed the instructions, and still have stoppages. everything else about xbmc is awesome, but this is something they really need to fix.

ELFLACO2005: No xunity talk repo on mine

Rod Stewart: This doesn't work. Half of the repositories you link to don't even work or are unavailable. Also, please stop making a separate video for each and every step in the process. I know you are just going for site traffic to make all your videos look popular and it is just annoying. Looking for other people that provide more info in one video instead of having to go to 4 different videos to accomplish one thing.

Finn Renard: 99% of slow playback is caused by bad audio settings. Just go deactivate DTS etc, reactivate until you find the culprit.

Mohammed Kassim: thanx

El3ctricGaming: theres no mikey1234 on mine

Valerie Banks: how to install the manual plugin for xunitytalk wizard?

Valerie Banks: I have install xunity but missing xunitytalk wizard. Can someone help me?

MegaUberStar: Trying to install any addon from this repo, says "INCOMPATIBLE" and won't let me install

Alex Perez: I get an error script 

Taharqa Saaba: How do I get the skin you have in the background??

Ahyash Benjamite: I managed to install the repository no probs installed the zip no probs come to run the maintenance tool script error. What's up with that?

Ramdhana Bisawnath: Good work 👍

rendana: Xunitytalk - broken, Add-on has been moved as broken in repository.- Dependencies not met....don't know what to do now!

itsrayj: You definitely did a wonderful job simplifying that! THUMBS UP!

Ramdhana Bisawnath: As always top video dude😃

CJ McLean: Mikey1234 isnt there any more
How to add the 'Xunity Maintenance Tool' to XBMC 4.2 out of 5

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How to add the 'Xunity Maintenance Tool' to XBMC