My Favorite Wick Thus Far!

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princess peterson: need a vid on cellucotton.

BeastlyCryz522: Wow, facial hair changes ALOT about someone

Jacob McKenna: Watching this video now I feel like I went back in time

Tyler Tomashowski: Rip! Weres ur Bearddddd?!

Singer Of Truth: Holy creeper stash! 

Jacob Boling: looking for his oldest video and holly shister i found what he used to be not as good as he is now but damn lots of changes from way back wen

Joe Skinner: love the stache bro never seen ya without the full on beard haha good vid as usual ..thank you

Randy Kelley: great vid rip

Spencer Embley: First I unravel 2nd boil 20 mins 3rd I ring it or press it then I heat dry it till its fluffy

Wow my taste buds know when its not boiled cause it taste like pesticides 

r3conwoo: I used the cotton lint from the lint trap in my dryer because I ran out of cotton (most my clothes are cotton) and I thought it would work great but It was disgusting. I think there were cat hairs in it.  

Jordan Lasher: dat facial hair

Richard Vert: Let me ask you , and I want you top think about this. Is it too much to say that vaping could have the biggest impact on health since antibiotics ? I think not. Do I think it actually will ? No. I don't. Because like so many things the information isn't out there. Thanks for doing what you do in the good fight !

Rockypup5234: Ok, I have a protank 2 with a small atomizer. However I cannot find the stainless steel mesh you're talking about. You show a video with a long rod...
I cannot find that rod, or stainless steel mesh. Could you please do a "how to" video
Starting with pulling out the stainless steel mesh, or rod. Then how to burn it.
I got the cotton wrap around part. Then reassemble the whole thing. Could you do that?
It would be a big help for us just starting out. Thanks again and your videos are the best!

Rockypup5234: So sorry for all the typos!
I need could use a video on "how to" apply a cotton wick as opposed to silica on a protank 2. ( Since there's no "stainless steel rod" to wrap cotton around in the protank 2 atomizer).
Thanks so much for all your help.

Rockypup5234: Thanks for all the help!!
I have a Protank 2, However, with regards to using the atomizer, and adding cotton strands to the stainless steel rod, or wick?... is something I would like to try. However I cannot find a stainless steel rod in my atomizer. My WICK is made out of "silica", And I cannot find a rod anywhere.
So could you do a "how to"
Video which is more specific In each other finding the stainless steel rod Location??
Or just replacing the silica with a cotton wick in the protank 2

Rockypup5234: Hey Rip, Very useful info. In this video I understand the part about buying the cotton and how you use it. My question is where does the stainless steel bar come from that you wrap bacon around? Also do you need to trim that bar?

then wrapping 6 to 8 times around the stainless steel

peter smith: would you do a video on how to wick the I clear 30, your wicks are the best ..

Chris EGME: I'm a new sub and been watching some of your old videos, and I must say that with that stache and beanie you look like Haggard from Battlefield Bad Compnay 1 & 2. Google some images of him and you'll see what I'm talking about. Your videos are amazing an informative, making you my #1 go-to channel for vaping videos. Thanks, and keep up the amazing work.

RiP Trippers: Sounds good. Remember, the cotton expands a lot once wet. So a little goes a long way. If you put too much in, you may get a dull or earthy taste, but if you put a piece too small, you will get some gurgle.

Chris G: I am rebuilding my kanger pro tank 2 easy as hell and I am using cotton balls from wal mart boiled and dried then I pull it off then feed it through the coil is that the way u would do it or is there a better way or anything wrong with what I am doing let me know please bc it seems to be fine I noticed the taste is dull and weird at first but gets better do I need different Cotten or are the balls fine
My Favorite Wick Thus Far! 5 out of 5

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My Favorite Wick Thus Far!