Android Root 101 - How To Fix Android Smartphone With Bootloop/Brick!

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Android Root 101 - How to Fix Android Smartphone with Bootloop/Brick!
Android Root 101 - How to Fix Android Smartphone with Bootloop/Brick!
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piyush sharma: hey max! iam not able to access the boot recovery mode of my grand quattro,i tried to root it with kingoroot which did root but after i press the power home volume+ button but that wont help only black screen appears!! plzzz help me.../_\ also the device works normally when switche on but sometyms gets hanged nd ultmately switches off!

Carrie Hatfield: My LG phone is stuck in the LG sreen when you first turn it on how do i get into my phone

Anthony D: I love your videos!!!! Just a quick question. I am working on a Verizon HTC 1 (M8) and it is in a weird boot freeze. I am trying to completely update to stock firmware using my sd card. It goes through about half of the install and has to restart to finish the rest. But every time it restarts, it freezes and screws up the download. Any tips to get out of the issue????? Thanks in advance

carlos casian: Hi, Max, how do i get my tab 3 sm-210R out of a screen that says force upload by pressing key

Beatriz Vencionek: hi! i tried to install a mod on my nexus 5 and it is also stuck on the color rotating, but my phone is rooted and i did everything that you said (wipe cache and dalvik cache) and it didn't work. what should i do?

Sivashish Rajkhowa: Hello Mr. Lee,
I recently bought a "YU Yureka Plus" device and ended up with a bootloop, it just gets stuck in the YU Logo screen whenever switched ON, and keeps on until I remove the battery. I tried entering the recovery mode several times by pressing the volume rockers and the power button all at once, but it does not even enter into the recovery page, I have contacted the YU-Support and the customer care as well, but now I feel its of no use as I have not heard from them lately, so could you please help me fix the issue?

Abhijeet Sapkota: Firstly thanks for the video. As u mentioned HTC device.. I have HTC Desire 300 T-Moble. I have installed 4.1.2 Jelly Bean ROM using CMW.. n it was successfully installed. But still I m stick in the Boot logo.. U said i have to boot it from the fast boot. Will you please help me with the command steps... may be the website link.. Though I will search but also it would be easier for me .. Thanks in advance.. :D PLS PLS PLS i m in great trouble..

Hamza Ali: hello max
great job on the video.
i have a samsung galaxy s3 that keeps boot looping, i dont think it is a power button issue but when i try to open the recovery reboot the phone just restarts from the beguining of the start up. my recovery isnt working and i need all my data, please help me!

Dandelion: I have the nexus 5 and it's rooted, it's stuck on the google color circles. how can i fix it? by the way it hasn't connect to the pc cuz i just recently got the pc. i did clear cache & devlk.

Oscar Laurio: Hi guys! My device is Oppo N1 Mini w/out external memory. I've reformat it then suddenly when i reboot the device i got stuck at the boot logo. I can't move on to recovery mode. I tried to use the Volume down + power button method but i cant go further. only the logo appears. what should i do? TIA

Joel Verandering: please help

Joel Verandering: i have a lg g2 and i accedently select everything in twrp and wipe my phone now i stay on lg logo no recovery no download mode pleace help

DiamondReaction: Help I installed twrp and when I boot up my kindle it bootloops and when I boot it up with volume up it just shows a blank screen help please

Andres Hernandez: i tried to root my lg escape 2 will this tutorial work for me?pleaseeee helpp meeee

Marie Wallace: please help!!!!! I have an htc m9 I tried to relock my bootloader and im stuck on bootloader screen, it relocked but my phone is still modified. II cant get into recovery. im just stuck on bootloader. please someone help

Kevin Stevens: Hello I have a HTC DNA never rooted it battery drained to zero went to charge it now when I plug in the charger it tryes  to boot then turns off then boots again

Cristeena Relojero: Hi can you help after i root my Samsung Galaxy tab 4 it is not booting anymore I just see logo

Jamie Beardsley: Plzzz help I installed a rom on my galaxy tab 2 it went in to boot logo loop I managed to get it switch on but lost all touch and the screen had gone all funny I tried a hard reset and now it just says the samsung logo and then gos blank what can I do plzzz help 

Maniu Hussain: My oneplus one went to soft brick ! I did nothing i did not even root it ! I dont have twrp or any recovery ! What should i do ? 

Betsy Alvarez: I have a LG G3 and its stuck on factory reset status 2 what do I do to get it back to normal? I would appreciate some information.
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Android Root 101 - How to Fix Android Smartphone with Bootloop/Brick!