Android Root 101 - How To Fix Android Smartphone With Bootloop/Brick!

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SilverBytez AJ: However, my phone is in the boot loop, but won't go into recovery mode, and it's not registering on the computer. :/
It's an old phone, not too old though. It's an Optimus Fuel on 4.4. Anyone know the button combination for recovery? Maybe I have that wrong.

SilverBytez AJ: I thought my phone was hard bricked, but it's just boot looping and it's just soft bricked. Thank God, I thought it was hard bricked. * breathes sigh of relief *
Thanks for clearing that up.

M Mcclanahan: I can't get my LG 34C out of bootloop I can't get it to go into recovery mode now what

Felipe Lopez: so how would i fix "no os installed"

mia Japon: pesteng yawa wlay demo ga yawyaw

Brandon Pecchiari: Hi max do you know anyway to get a nexus 7 2012 back up and running when you did something wrong, did a reset but now it only boots up to the google logo, i cant find anyway that doesn't require usb debugging and adb which i cant turn on because it wont boot and it is driving me up the wall lol. thanks in advance

ultraKnightEX435: PLEASE HELP my SM-A700FD got bricked after Root PLEase help i will subscribe and like to all videos

Anime Preview: SGH T989 having partition problem.please help!

[IMG="I can only see delvik cache in advance section"][/IMG]

[IMG="Nothing in mount section"][/IMG]

[IMG="after flashing stock rom i get this error and when rebooted i get stock in samsung bootloader"][/IMG]


Anyone has any idea please help me.
Actually this problem started while i was doing re partition and i unchecked auto reboot and my sgh t989 got stock on "FIRMWARE UPGRADE ENCOUNTERED AN ISSUE. PLEASE SELECT RECOVERY MODE IN KIES AND TRY AGAIN"
then i tried flashing twrp and i am now having above errors shoing in the images.
I can go to odin mode and twrp mode and i can also install stock rom with odin and odin looks fine and at the end it says RES OK but when device reboot i get the invalid cache partition errors.
please help!

Surya MJ: hai..bro
my huawei honor 4c b120 model is strucked bootloder ..but am installed cwm recovery in my mobile , mobile is booting but not respond.still comming cwm to solve this solve explain step by step process ....plzz....

eriksic: My good ole HTC one M7 has got stuck in a bootloop. Just chilled out messaging some people and a message came up that its restarting and now it's in a bootloop. Cant really get into recovery well I can but not select anything because it starts rebooting lol. Pretty frustrating. I have ordered a new phone but is there any solution for my issue? It's totally stock.

nikolai nikko: Marshall London? eazy ?

Joan Ho: Hi, I need your help, my Samsung galaxy nexus phone keep rebooting, I tried the recovery mode and wipe data, but it did not go back to welcome screen, please help !!, thank you.

Mr Dark: Lee I need your help I have a nexus 5 which refuses to boot up I think its soft bricked since the android logo on nexus is in a loop and wont boot, im running out of options here also another thing I tried to format the thing which prompted up a message "failed to mount/data/cache/partitions/persist" then it finishes and doesnt seem like its actually formatted. Ive tried pushing the stock rom into it but again the mounting error keeps cropping up. Im starting to think the phones internal memory is corrupt on a physical level. please lemme know if you know anything that can be done.

khrispy: lol lesson learned:

never root your phone again

Warren Lockette: it's a real brainwrecker...and very frustrating to the point that one would feel like completely just destroying their phone then it defeats the purpose of ever even purchasing it right? but these guys definitely should look into polishing up their skills when issues like "bootloop" "softbrick" etc. occur it's a bit

Hello: Going to try finding a rom for another phone, and using it as a substitute rom

Hello: I managed to soft brick a galaxy s3 by using refresh contexts in twrp, NOT reading that it could brick your device. Anyone have a ROM for the sph-l710 that I can use in twrp?

Alberto Feliciano: Hello! By any chance. Does anybody know how to fix a ZTE Zmax Z970 stuck on a bootloop which doesn't have a recovery and only boots into FTM or reboots continously.

mark meade: i have a ellipsis 8 tablet and it wont get passed boot screen and hard reset wont make the green robot show up held hard reset for 2 min i counted lol PLEASE HELP\

Dhiraj Ugale: I have infocus bingo 20 which is stops on hard bootloop and even service centre not able to repair it would you help me repair it me please.
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Android Root 101 - How to Fix Android Smartphone with Bootloop/Brick!