Android Root 101 - How To Fix Android Smartphone With Bootloop/Brick!

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Marija Mijajlovic: plsssssss HELP i have samsung galaxy tab A and its stuck on tabs logo

Charwin Ordonez: Ive got a HP Slate 7 HD 3403EX its always boot in the recovery mode, even i clear cache clear partation delete user its the same, thats happen after the new update from jellybeans to kitkat. I try the recovery files from HP its not work. Please help me how to format or recover my HP Tablet... Thanx in advance....

Neemi Jean,b: I have a zte phone and I've done all the clear cache stuff and reset phone type tricks and it's still in bootloop. It went to bootloop when my phone told me I had to update it and it's been like that ever since please help

crispycrazycard: hey I have a question... I have a LG Optimus Elite and I get up to a download screen which I'm still stuck on! I tried taking out the battery pressing the up and down volume buttons with the power button still nothing. any suggestions to get my phone back up again?

Matthew Lawrence: I currently have my phone at a repair shop. The guy was "Asian" but sounded like he seriously knew what he was doing. I just seriously hope this guy can work some wonders. I would attempt this myself, but I am afraid I would brick that phone even worse.

Matthew Lawrence: I will pay up to 400 plus for the recovery of this phone and/or data. Please let me know, Im desperate

Louis Lev: Thankz now I will fix my phone later and this video give me idea on how to flash a rom using spft and also recovery even thought the video was entitled how to fix bootloop

flint fogglewood: Kyocera brigadier bricked. Authorization Error. Installed TWRP.img for Kyocera.. Please help.

JbBrothers: Is it a hard risk if it shows the Samsung logo for a second then just turns off? Or is it a soft one?

VICK_KING_BOSS: my phone is soft bricked at the logo and it keeps sayin that there is a booting error 1003 modified

ILE Channel: dear everyone that's stuck in a bootloop or bricked phone this may take up to an hour but it's worth it flash the stock img it always works for me

Abdou Alaziz: i have htc one s VILLE C2 . I FLASH firmware . and his brick won't turn on and boot up. pleas help

seriuskndfgs egg: mine trurns on, the screen says teamwin with a blue screen then it separetes in 2 smaller screens on the low left of my tablet with teamwin wirted on them with a magenta/pink color. is that a bootloop or a brick ?

Vivek Lutchmadoo: my prestigio is stuck in bootloop.......

Aisybon Petsay: hello max i have lg g2 i think its hard brick bec it dosnt go on boot loop and even in my computer if i connect, it says i have to format before i used it, nothing apear on my phone when i turn it on its dead pure black, but if i connect to computer and i removed the usb cable it well light on but black i dont kno what to do

Kent Zheng: Can anyone help me I have a note 3 and I'm stuck in booting screen ,how to fix it when I press volume up plus power button it doesn't work just keep rebooting and stuck

Dan Bracket_fredyfrankle1: I hardbricked

Isael Myob: I unfortunately don't have a custom recovery because I tried to installed stock rom

md rowshan Ali: boss i flash my walton gh2 mobile. so stope the iletrecity .after mobile no buting and no on the phone please help me.

king james: n910v android is upgrading boot loop fix
Android Root 101 - How to Fix Android Smartphone with Bootloop/Brick! 5 out of 5

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Android Root 101 - How to Fix Android Smartphone with Bootloop/Brick!