Android Root 101 - How To Fix Android Smartphone With Bootloop/Brick!

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missy Platino: hi my cherrry mobile omega icon not open .. i try to open button but not fucntion and i try to my charger then my phone is always boot .. what is the problem .. please help me

Wasim Akhtar: i have moto g2 hard bricked. and i am not getting any qboot file for the same. kindly help to fix it

Ryan Iskandar: Sir, how bout Xperia Z2 sony boot loop fix? I havent install custom recovery yet, is there a way to fix this sir?

ruger ninez: my samsung s2 stuck on samsung screen and goes to a teamwin screen when i try to hard reset....HELP!?

andy li: will my phone get bricked again because i just factory reset it

Arjith Raj: this is exactly happens to my phone bro.....when i try to switch it on the screen just blink and again it turn off..and when i go for recovery pressing volume up + power button it showing fastboot mode.....plz reply my phone jst dead from 5 dayz

Michael Pilipanko: And idk how to fix my droid as well it has recovery but it won't stay on the pc and takes forever when it works

Michael Pilipanko: Can my lg Optimus g pro be fixed if the boot loop is there and it won't boot into recovery and won't install on a pic

Drostyles7676: galaxy note 5 stuck on bootloop, I get dm-verity verification failed. how do I fix? my phone is not rooted but I don't have any warranty

Artisankat Stud: This is an extremely rambling video. Mark out the points you want to cover / make beforehand and then go through those, instead of this rambling, mumbling randomness that is this video.

Eleazar Barnuevo: i have a problem sir i cant understand what your saying? are u from mars?

Victor Kesselly: Hi max, i have the TECNO A7 phantomZ that went into no command mode after i upgraded the phone os. i wiped cache, formatted user data but still stuck at no command.. pls help me dude

Noah Wallace: I have a Kyocera Hydro Vibe Elite that is still in a bootloop. How do I get rid of it? Please help.

Alien Prodigy: Hello, i'm using Android One (Nexian Journey 1) and currently stuck at the boot animation. I haven't installed the recovery yet whatsoever and thus i can't enter my internal or my storage for my phone since i cannot start it up properly to drag and drop the files. I'm fairly a total newbie at this and it would be much appreciated if you could explain it step by step.

Fredrick L: I Fixed it but it just keeps coming back -_-

Feater Nak: im tryin to root my note 4 SM-N910H and it in a boot loop now and i try everything please help !

Elvis Vanderpool: Guys, i have a lg optimus g pro e980 and when i turn it on it just open the cwm and when i try to install a rom just open the cwm (sorry for my bad english)

Prachee Korday: My lenovo k900 is bricked. Its not turning on. I tried hard reset but nothing happening even after pressing power+vol up keys for 2 mins the screen is still blank. Can we install os on a fone that is switched off?

Abdul Samad Kirmani: Please Can you help me phone does power on but its stuck at TEAMWIN logo..
I cannot even open recovery

Martin Petkov: Samsung galaxy tab 3 lite.. its bricked and i dont know how to fix it. Please i need some help :(
Android Root 101 - How to Fix Android Smartphone with Bootloop/Brick! 5 out of 5

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Android Root 101 - How to Fix Android Smartphone with Bootloop/Brick!