Android Root 101 - How To Fix Android Smartphone With Bootloop/Brick!

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Android Root 101 - How to Fix Android Smartphone with Bootloop/Brick!
Android Root 101 - How to Fix Android Smartphone with Bootloop/Brick!
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eaglebaize: Hello, I bought a used Nexus 7 (2012 Edition) and tried to install the Android 4.4 update (I'm pretty sure; it has been several months since then). The update process froze. After waiting for several hours, I unfortunately decided to perform a hard reboot. Now, whenever the device tries to boot, the screen displays the Google logo and then displays an Android with "Installing system update..." below it. The progress bar gets to about 25% complete and then the device reboots and repeats the process. I cannot manage to get the device into recovery mode.

Could anyone please help? I feel like I'm running out of options with this device.

Kundan Tendolkar: I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 gt-i9100t. I was running cm12.1 nightly and it suddenly shut off. Ive tried almost everything like trying to install a new rom by Recovery and installing stock 4.1.2 via odin but am still unable to do anything about it can you help me here ?

NateR: You really helped me install TWRP and Blisspop on my LG G3 vs985. I finally owned my phone for real. Thanks a lot. I just tried to flash a more updated blisspop. I keep getting an error about the binary files and unsupported band. Nothing is different then before though. No videos anywhere about flashing a custom rom to a different custom rom.

Tyreese Bruce: A way I got out of a boot loop was flashing supersu again rebooting waiting for it to update android and it came alive I was so happy

Enkka Petri: dat freaking start

Johnny Mendoza: hi I tried to root my nexus 7 but no matter what i do i am stuck in a boot loop, i did the wipe thing i claered the cache and all that but nothing is working can some one please help me

Hectic BGK: Got a hardbrick on my Sprint S3

Falcon Slippers: I have a Htc one M7. I think its soft bricked when i boot the phone up it automatically goes to the BOOTLOADER screen. Its still Locked and honestly no idea how this happened just woke up like this .. Ive tried cachewipe, factory reset but to no avail. if anyone can help that'd be great.

Peter Cabral: MAX, I have a Droid Razr, CE0168 that seems to be what you describe as Hard Bricked. I can get into the recovery screens, but cannot get past the Droid 'Eye' ever. I have tried a lot of different recovery methods.

Please -- give me your best suggestion.

wil Stone: xperia zr stuck on bootloop 5.0.2..
need help

Wagnner Casse: i have problem my smart lg g2 is brick.. i not solucion ... i like you coments ,,,, I am desperate because already tried all options and nows adb mode so that does not help me anything endendo

Frank Corpuz: Hi MAx,,,I have a problem..I think I just brick my lenovo a390...after I install a custom rom I tried to reset factory then after that it boot loop...I've tried to flash it using flash tool but I made it even worst...Now, it automatically run in recovery mode and after the Lenovo logo appear,,,It shuts down!!!Hope you can help me,,Thanks in advance,,,More power!!

kelsey defreitas: how to fix a hard brick blou studio 5.o ii

Doctor nagrom: does anyone know how to fix a huawei P1 with stock recovery, but the dpi is soo high, you cannot use the system. also it has been factory reset, so usb debugging is switched off. does anyone know how i could possibly fix it?

Elmmanuel Miller: max lee i need ur help so much please help

piyush sharma: hey max! iam not able to access the boot recovery mode of my grand quattro,i tried to root it with kingoroot which did root but after i press the power home volume+ button but that wont help only black screen appears!! plzzz help me.../_\ also the device works normally when switche on but sometyms gets hanged nd ultmately switches off!

Carrie Hatfield: My LG phone is stuck in the LG sreen when you first turn it on how do i get into my phone

Anthony D: I love your videos!!!! Just a quick question. I am working on a Verizon HTC 1 (M8) and it is in a weird boot freeze. I am trying to completely update to stock firmware using my sd card. It goes through about half of the install and has to restart to finish the rest. But every time it restarts, it freezes and screws up the download. Any tips to get out of the issue????? Thanks in advance

carlos casian: Hi, Max, how do i get my tab 3 sm-210R out of a screen that says force upload by pressing key

Beatriz Vencionek: hi! i tried to install a mod on my nexus 5 and it is also stuck on the color rotating, but my phone is rooted and i did everything that you said (wipe cache and dalvik cache) and it didn't work. what should i do?
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Android Root 101 - How to Fix Android Smartphone with Bootloop/Brick!