Android Root 101 - How To Fix Android Smartphone With Bootloop/Brick!

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yasmine gaming: Guardian

yasmine gaming: Guys if there's no option I suggest u to buy a new tablet like alcatel pixie 10 but I'm warning u never get game guay

Kyzan100: Samsung J7(SM-J700M) always gets the bootlock on custom roms :'(

The One: my phone is samsung j2 is it possible to get bricked?

Morgan Hiller: hi my friend I'd like to learn step by step on a boot loop on a BLU Dash Studio cause I tried to root this phone and it was a success but my mistake was that I turned off the OEM switch to of and when I restarted the the phone it just stayed on the BLU logo?😭😭pls. help

amit thapa: hi i have a s6edge plus g928aucu2aoji recently i try to upgrade it to 6.0.1 using firmware of g928aucs3cpj1 by odin now my phone is stuck on recovery screen saying dm-verity verification failed.... need to check DRK first ..can you help me to fix my phone help will be appreciated

Mohammad Alameldin: Lee, how I get lg volt ls740 firmware in kdz format? my lg is bricked and give me missing bitmap stage empty (code -1) and can not use my sd card to recover?

Nihal Kumar: hey i man ,actually i hard brick my moto e 1st gen after downgrading to kitkat 4.4.2 from lollipop .i have installed stock firmware nicely but after install it shows updates avaliable and when i update it ,it got hard can help me

SinB gfriend: my phone is rooted help!

Marcus Hunter: Hey Lee! thanks man, i watched your video and unbricked my phone without needing a software or paying the 80 dollar fee at the repair shop. You really know your stuff man! props!

Silver Bytez: However, my phone is in the boot loop, but won't go into recovery mode, and it's not registering on the computer. :/
It's an old phone, not too old though. It's an Optimus Fuel on 4.4. Anyone know the button combination for recovery? Maybe I have that wrong.

Silver Bytez: I thought my phone was hard bricked, but it's just boot looping and it's just soft bricked. Thank God, I thought it was hard bricked. * breathes sigh of relief *
Thanks for clearing that up.

M Mcclanahan: I can't get my LG 34C out of bootloop I can't get it to go into recovery mode now what

Felipe Lopez: so how would i fix "no os installed"

mia Japon: pesteng yawa wlay demo ga yawyaw

Brandon Pecchiari: Hi max do you know anyway to get a nexus 7 2012 back up and running when you did something wrong, did a reset but now it only boots up to the google logo, i cant find anyway that doesn't require usb debugging and adb which i cant turn on because it wont boot and it is driving me up the wall lol. thanks in advance

ultraKnightEX435: PLEASE HELP my SM-A700FD got bricked after Root PLEase help i will subscribe and like to all videos

Anime Preview: SGH T989 having partition problem.please help!

[IMG="I can only see delvik cache in advance section"][/IMG]

[IMG="Nothing in mount section"][/IMG]

[IMG="after flashing stock rom i get this error and when rebooted i get stock in samsung bootloader"][/IMG]


Anyone has any idea please help me.
Actually this problem started while i was doing re partition and i unchecked auto reboot and my sgh t989 got stock on "FIRMWARE UPGRADE ENCOUNTERED AN ISSUE. PLEASE SELECT RECOVERY MODE IN KIES AND TRY AGAIN"
then i tried flashing twrp and i am now having above errors shoing in the images.
I can go to odin mode and twrp mode and i can also install stock rom with odin and odin looks fine and at the end it says RES OK but when device reboot i get the invalid cache partition errors.
please help!

Surya MJ: hai..bro
my huawei honor 4c b120 model is strucked bootloder ..but am installed cwm recovery in my mobile , mobile is booting but not respond.still comming cwm to solve this solve explain step by step process ....plzz....

eriksic: My good ole HTC one M7 has got stuck in a bootloop. Just chilled out messaging some people and a message came up that its restarting and now it's in a bootloop. Cant really get into recovery well I can but not select anything because it starts rebooting lol. Pretty frustrating. I have ordered a new phone but is there any solution for my issue? It's totally stock.
Android Root 101 - How to Fix Android Smartphone with Bootloop/Brick! 5 out of 5

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Android Root 101 - How to Fix Android Smartphone with Bootloop/Brick!