Android Root 101 - How To Fix Android Smartphone With Bootloop/Brick!

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Metoroid0: im stuck on bootloop after installing xposed on note 3. what should i do? i did davlik and cash wipe

Kenneth Brumeell: Man I'm stuck on the boot loop thing. I can't seem to get it undone because I have a Huawei phone and there are no videos on YouTube on how to un brick this damn phone. Any input?

Jaelam Poorun: i have an acltel one touch pixi phone and when i turn it on it is stuck on the logo i don't know what to do

Louise Petersen: I have a Piranha supersonic ultra tab 9.0 with android 4.2. I was trying to swap the 8 gig internal memory with my 32 gig external. everything was going great until I rebooted and now I'm in a bootloop. I am just savy enough about these things to break them. Can anyone tell me what I have to do to fix it if it can be fixed. Supersonic wants me to mail it to them and for 55$ they will fix it. I cant get in to usb debugging. it is rooted.

I also have a first edition kindle fire that I was trying to change to android and I hard bricked it can it be fixed?

Alinket Shrestha: i deleted my qmg file and restarted my device now its facing bootloop plz help me

krister Misa: hi, I have a Samsung S3 GTi9300 and I did the wipe cache and wipe delvik cache but still it's stuck in the CyanodMod blue logo. how to fix this please?

Ibtsam Malik: hy sir i need ur help.. will you help me. i rooted my note 3 . in recovry mode it says bit warranty recovery . i tried to falsh custom rom . now my phone struck at samsung logo how i fix ? plz help me.

jawfer saad: guys i have a htc one ME stuck into bootloop and my phone is S-ON, and i have twrp installed but i cant flash my custom rom because the region is different so how can i s-off my device in this situation

walt liquortv: i have the verizon galaxy s7 edge sm-g935v ...and have a boot loop going on, i installed exposed without twrp recovery or cwm cause i don't have that recovery, i have the regular recovery and now that i installed exposed,framework and now I'm on a boot loop, I've tried odin with the sm-g935v firmware and it always says fail when i tried to flash it with odin and stock firmware, what should i do max? my email if anything is if anything,...thanks...please help me, please respond....thanks

Elouaer Ayed: i have this problem and i want someone to help me please
i'm stuck in bootloop with my galaxy s3 cm 13
i can't connect to pc because i have this problem with the connector , so solving the problem with pc is not an option , and i'm stuck too with cyanogen recovery , so i'm really freaked up , any solutions please ?

SpinGaming TV: can u tell me how to fix soft brick in wiko goa

YazFrags: max lee is my name hahaha

Margarita Salinas: hey @maxlee Do you know any Apps, that would root my HTC, without Bricking it?

Pamila John: I have a galaxy tab4 10.1 I tried to root it but it failed and it said SE is disabled so I reboot the device and it does not boot up I tried the method you said but it did not work

Suprith C Kumar: I rooted my tab and tried to unroot it but when it was booting it showed the Samsung logo but it did not boot I pressed the volume up home and power button and then it booted

Ronny Baysa: hey, my galaxy tab 4 was rooted. I wanted to install update, so I factory reset the tablet. Then I ran the new update that popped up on it. Now there is installation loop that fails due to status 7 error. and I can't get the tablet in to recovery mode to wipe the cache. Any ideas ? seems like you are the guy who knows it all.

Super Weeb saiyan GOD: i hard bricked my samsung galaxy s2 i9100

Marija Mijajlovic: plsssssss HELP i have samsung galaxy tab A and its stuck on tabs logo

Charwin Ordonez: Ive got a HP Slate 7 HD 3403EX its always boot in the recovery mode, even i clear cache clear partation delete user its the same, thats happen after the new update from jellybeans to kitkat. I try the recovery files from HP its not work. Please help me how to format or recover my HP Tablet... Thanx in advance....

Neemi Jean,b: I have a zte phone and I've done all the clear cache stuff and reset phone type tricks and it's still in bootloop. It went to bootloop when my phone told me I had to update it and it's been like that ever since please help
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Android Root 101 - How to Fix Android Smartphone with Bootloop/Brick!