Android Root 101 - How To Fix Android Smartphone With Bootloop/Brick!

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Android Root 101 - How to Fix Android Smartphone with Bootloop/Brick!
Android Root 101 - How to Fix Android Smartphone with Bootloop/Brick!
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Sophia Harry: Hi, I done something to my s4 active KOT49H.I9295XXUCNH2, the last thing I did was install some files to change the system volume settings (I wanted to make it louder), I reset it and now it's stuck at the samsung flashing logo.  I've tried hard reset, battery pull, for some reason my laptop will now not pick up on my phone, though when connected via usb it will charge it.  So I'm thinking it's soft bricked. I don't know what else to do, I know it is fixable I just don't know what to do or where to start after the above failures. Can someone help me please? oh also when my phone is in recovery mode i get errors at the bottom in red as follows:
E:missing bitmap icon_att_fota_installing (Code -1)
E:missing bitmap icon_att_fota_updating (Code -1)
E:missing bitmap icon_att_fota_complete (Code -1)
E:missing bitmap icon_att_fota_error (Code -1)
E:missing bitmap icon_att_fota_complete (Code -1)
E:missing bitmap icon_tmo_fota_complete (Code -1)
E:missing bitmap icon_tmo_fota_error (Code -1)

Jacob friesen: My htc desire 320 is stuck in a bootloop and wont boot into recovery probably because tried to flash cwm or twrp recovery I forget anyways the custom recovery was for the HTC desire 510 which somewhat the hardware wise to my question is it even possible to recover my phone?

Michael Contreras: Can someone help me unbrick(soft brick) my Sprint Galaxy s5, I've tried looking it up but I still need help ;(( when I try to restore the original firmware through Odin I get a fail

JAZIB SOHAIL: can you help me i have lg tribute its root. And I download boot animation after i reboot it its doesn't work like it show lg logo and then boot animation logo which i choose. then after that it show same lg and boot animation logo. i try to connect with PC but it doesn't connect because of turn on and off of phone. i even try to go recovery mode but it doesn't go. plz help me this the name of video which i upload plz see that and leave comment s LG Tribute reboot loop problem

engineer 222: question can the moto G 2013 support custom ROMS i dont think it does not support im on lolipop 5.0.2

Kaveeta Ash: Warranty Expired-Any Suggestion:

andreas maerten: Thank you I had factory reset my rooted htc one m8 and now its solved

Armando “Lui” Valencia: Someone help me out i have the lg g stylo and i am stuck at the logo image of tmobile while trying to root...i have access to the download mode and i have a computer to use please help

Conor Reay: Hi, I have a galaxy note 4 running cyanogenmod 12.1 (unofficial). I forgot to plug it in over night and the battery died, then this morning I tried to reboot the phone after charging it for half an hour. I then got stuck in a bootloop (somehow), the phone was rooted with twrp recovery but it only lets me boot into download mode. I have no idea what has happened please help!
Edit: It's the international model ( SM-N910F)

Dean Luciano: Hi. If I could get some assistance please. I believe I am in a "Bootloop". It just shows the manufacturer logo on start up. I stupidly didn't install a recovery after rooting the tablet. I have a iRulu eXpro X1a tablet. So now I don't know how I can get into any sort of recovery what so ever. Any help on what I could do? If there is anything to do?

Brandon Dodson: ok so im having some trouble with my htc one m8 i rooted it and intalled a rom but when i went to reboot it shut off my phone and now it just keeps comming back on by it self and tries to enter recovery mode but then shuts off and does the same thing over and over again and i cant enter fastboot mode. plz help

paperlove48: I'm one of the super rare cases that bricked my S2... can you teach me how to unbrick it? it's not a hard brick, it still shows the "phone-triangle-computer" thing. and when i tried to use Odin 3.07, the ID:COM is blue (which i watched some tutorials and it is suposed to be yellow). then the huge problem is that i couldnt get it to connect to my laptop "stably"by that i mean i always connects, disconnects, connects, disconnects. I'm using I9100. please help me...

Zenil Pethani: hey i have a moto e xt1022 and it in bootloop mood since 2 days can you help me out

eurosonly: note 3 stuck in boot loop. wont boot into recovery prior to that. thanks a lot cyanogen mod 12.1. sigh....thats what i get for keeping it on the phone for half a year

Rickelia Scarlett: Hey I installed a stock ROM on my Alcatel c2 and ended up in a boot loop how do I fix it. I did every possible thing could and I just dont work

Dora Haque: I tried to send my Hardbricked htc one m7 to mobiletechvideos however they are not accepting any new orders or answering my emails. I was wondering if you knew of anyone i could send it to get it fixed.

Leo Leo: hey.. umm i have a samsung galaxy s2 that is softbricked.. ive done cleaning caches factory data reset.... nothing happens ...

MI2per -barazon: hey bro. i need help.  i have a lenovo A536 and recently had it rooted.  then i update software.  then suddenly an error displays on screen.  i turned it off and when it turned on there is this android logo lying down with no command.  bro please help me fix my phone.  thanks much

Oliver Okland: my htc one m8 is in a bootloop stage, im panicing btw plz help 
I uninstalled the system as i watched your video but then there was nothign to install as my cm12 didnt want to install. WHat shell i do plz help

Devin Williams: ya it closes everything on my sm n900t and its so anoying
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Android Root 101 - How to Fix Android Smartphone with Bootloop/Brick!