Student Seduction Full Movie Thriller Drama 2003

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Desiree Mokgosi: really enjoyed the movie

Kathy Ravel: She should have documented this and reported the advances to the principal from the beginning.

Satish Chauhan: Xxx


Nyat Frye: I started to cry for that poor woman... Josh is very very mental he really needs help

stephanie higginson: Love this movie

Taylor Moore: Josh is a whack job!

reillyf32: what a load of Bollocks

Theaters Of Desires: really stupid . freak the police

Camilee Duck: What is this movie called

ihatefacebook31184: There is seriously something wrong with that kid...

Sahara Mist: What bothers me about this movie is how the teacher refuses to accept any sort of blame.  She should have never gone to lunch with him and gotten personal.  When things started to get weird she should have quit tutoring him and go to the school board or whoever deals with such a thing as student sexual advances towards a teacher.  I am not saying she is totally to blame here because she isn't, but as the adult she should have handled it differently.

Elena Gil: omg she looks so much like Carmen carrera

Gustav Ramedies: Bad acting on part of teacher.

50SPEEDX: it makes my skin crawl just thinking about the fact that you can be sexually assaulted in your own home, and you tell the police about it and they end up arresting YOU, like WTF!!!!

| Melody /: Dang. Homeboy is way outta line.

LP: The teacher at 1:17 isn't she from saved by the bell?

Ioan Zmeul: What's the starting song called at 00:22 ?

bonke meyile: lol this nigga tryna tap  her yeah. 
Student Seduction Full Movie Thriller Drama 2003 5 out of 5

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Student Seduction Full Movie Thriller Drama 2003