Student Seduction Full Movie Thriller Drama 2003

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Student Seduction Full Movie Thriller Drama 2003
Student Seduction Full Movie Thriller Drama 2003
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bigtruckseriesreview .: If not for the fact Josh is a rapist, he'd make a great SPIDER MAN. 

Kenia Climaco: When the dude was attacking her at her house and he was on top of her on the stairs and she was crying it reminded me of the caffeine pills episode on Saved by the Bell

BreakingScorpio: i seen this movie before...a long time ago when i was bored

Julie velez: thy need to send lil josh to a bklyn school!!1 rich lil punk!! i bet he wouldnt be pulling that crap off there!! hell be running home with his tail between his legs!! lol

995Gabber: Some of you might have come for the thumbnail, but trust me you wanna stay and watch this to the end

patrice james: we all gone tho that people be saying its the teacher but what if the student come for them. I had a teacher who didn't pay this girl in my class no etching....she got so mad she kill his car. 

Steve Dogan: WELL, WELL, WELL TO ALL THE LIBERATIONISTS OUT THERE IN THIS COUNTRY apparently men AREN'T always the ones that take advantage of people! About time society realizes and admits that just as many, if not maybe more, women do this stuff and use their female gender as a (cheap) way to hide behind it because of society's view of women and how "THEY just wouldn't do this" -the same as the reason the Priests got away with their behavior for generations!

Joy Timmons: Something is wrong with this guy. he does not understand the teacher has no interest in him. Why is it hard for people to understand this?

starrocket666: when he asked her age and she said 27 I about flipped a lid laughing.Seriously she looks more like 35 or older.

ampher pasta: great movie.......

Ahmad Pearson: Josh is Weird with a capital W.

kerry melano: he's out of place that josh. his parents are to be blame because of their money and how he was brought up. RIch people's problem but god definitely wasn't sleeping. Jenna mother refused to let her daughter go to trial becuz she wanted her to get the scholarship frm the gains WHAT A CHEAP AND WORTHLESS MOTHER!!

Kawin CN: I had some bad character like this student while I was at high school...but I'd never freaking interested with teacher who the elder....

Marxist-Leninist Maoist: Sure you're getting teacher kitty, but what you don't know that the mail man if freaking your wife

فراس الحلي: www.firasheli yahoo

Arnold Melvin Xavier: This should be named A Woman's cry for jestis the one who named this must be nuts

George Asibu: student

Chlo anderson: I love lifetime movies. Every youtubers you mind telling me some lifetime movie you know 

Ahmad Pearson: Poor Mrs Dawson.

sajid sangla: sajid sangla

Steven Tetro: it;s those cat eye's.makes her so sexy.

Lakenya Melbert: liked this one!!

lisa lee: nice

Zayn Malik: the student looks like Mario Maurer in Thailand

bibi vu: what is the name of this film

PreciousJewel: this was stupid

sam - saed - Emami: very bad director finish bad as if they tock artical from news 

kénitra movies: bon film

arya sentana: kontol

Sapphire Richards: im pretty sure the cops could have traced the call he made to her

haqatak23: Elizabeth Berkley as a Chem Teacher love it!!!!

bestamerica: ' now in america is a big problem with students and teachers are loves each other,,, why why do that

Sofia Reyes: omg he crazy

Kirsty Anderson: psycho kid!!

larry meemken: larry 


Mr89pyont: Here's what I am wondering, how did the kid know where the teacher lived?

Ahmad Pearson: Josh is a quirky guy.

Kawin CN: The freaking noisy Music sound....very very bored with...

Marxist-Leninist Maoist: we want toki back!!!

فراس الحلي: ssafiras771 skype

Ahmad Pearson: Josh needs help

contact011: Something is wrong with that boy. He is mentally challenged and need serious help. NO means NO... But he have it honest of being so arrogant because of his father. How a parent raise a child is how they will treat others...smh

Mensah Kenneth: i like this movie

psychodelicrock12: When that District Attorney says at 1:28:28, "One step at a time," it is obvious that she is really more interest in charging the teacher Christine Dawson of child molestation than JOSH GAINES for assault and rape, despite the testamony of JENNA DOBSON. Plus, Christine's lawyer should have told the DA that there is absolutely no time for "One step at a time." More importantly,the evil parents of JOSH GAINES doing whatever it takes to protect their son for his crimes, should be charged with obstructing justice, despite how rich they are.

whydoihavetoo1: I actually like this movie!

Shine Noth: hot movies

yfan26: wait did drew get christine preggers or did josh

Ahmad Pearson: That Josh Gaines is sick.

CountryGirl89: Josh is cuuuute <3
Student Seduction Full Movie Thriller Drama 2003 3.9 out of 5

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Student Seduction Full Movie Thriller Drama 2003