H&R NEF 20 Gauge Single Shot Shotgun Shooting & Review - TheFireArmGuy

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ginger7281: I also have this in 20 gauge. Standard target loads and some game loads may not recoil heavy, but when you shoot 3" turkey magnum loads and slugs through it, I swear it kicks as hard, if not harder than my .300 win mag. Great video.

LordKegger76: Brings back memories for me. That brand and gauge of shotgun was the first shotgun I fired at the age of 9. I remember it being so much fun. I'm tempted to buy one today. Thanks, Firearm Guy!

Bryan Fernandez: Thank you for the review! Great job overall! I recently purchased one of these 20 gauges, (for planking around), and must say you are definitely right about it being fun to shoot!

garageguy879: I've been looking to get my grandaughter a 410 for Christmas,,I may have to pick up a 20 for myself,,I had almost forgotten how much fun these are for just target shooting

MuzzleMike: I have been a sub of yours for some time now and did not kn ow you had this video up ! I have the same in 20 gauge . Yes I have some more expensive guns but this is a fun gun . 

bigjohn22: Would it be fine to shoot slug with the gun even if has a modified choke

Jake Wood: I got a Remington 53x the same size as that one but Mine will shoot 3in

TheFireArmGuy: True but the cost of the adapters would be more than the gun

Marc Yray: Thanks for the review. It would be great with some caliber adapters.

TheFireArmGuy: Something about this gun brings back childhood memories

TheFireArmGuy: Thanks the case hardening looks cool in the sunlight

ohlemacher1975: i still have my childhood H&R 20 gauge and i'm 38 now, and it still looks and fires like new, wouldn't trade it for anything!!!

Jeremy Holmes: Love the finish on that little gun

TheFireArmGuy: good one. I have more gun sayings that need to go in 2013 too

trevor stills: I had the 12 gauge version of this model. Good gun but kicked like a mule haha

TheFireArmGuy: A lot of guys commented about how this gun brought back many memories

Oreo1298PvP: This is my 1st gun

TheFireArmGuy: Yeah its a cool little gun

Marc Barilla: I have one. I love it... simple. Effective. Going to use it this season for squirrel and turkey

TheFireArmGuy: Great advice bud thanks
H&R NEF 20 gauge Single Shot Shotgun Shooting & Review - TheFireArmGuy 5 out of 5

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H&R NEF 20 gauge Single Shot Shotgun Shooting & Review - TheFireArmGuy