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Strayer Voight Infinity pistol SVI
Strayer Voight Infinity pistol SVI
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SVI Infinity .40s&w Test Fire
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SVI Infinity .40cal Limited Pistol
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SVI Infinity .45 ACP
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SVI_INFINITY_Sight_Tracker_March 7. 2012.wmv
SVI_INFINITY_Sight_Tracker_March 7. 2012.wmv - Infinity Firearms Strayer-Voigt Custom 1911 Unlimited Pistol Perfection - Infinity Firearms Strayer-Voigt Custom 1911 Unlimited Pistol Perfection
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SV Infinity 4.3
SV Infinity
SV Infinity

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FrBoris K: How are their single stack 1911 compared to Wilsons and Ed Browns? 

rogerdelauria: this gun is about 2800 €, and i got it in Madrid, Spain, a year ago

FriendlyShooter: Hows your 25 yard grouping? I bet its good, I got an SVI as well. :)

rogerdelauria: The song is Nothing's Impossible Depeche Mode Album: Playing The Angel

Snakemade: Learn to take your gun apart before putting it on the net!

irwag: That is a beautiful gun.

draxlmisc: these damn guns are soooo expensive! G17 is the one surpasses all other guns however the design is like a piece of crap comparing to SVI or other fancy brands.

rogerdelauria: Nothing's Impossible Depeche Mode Album: Playing The Angel

drhaley1: Nice! I love my sv and all Wa's

rogerdelauria: The gun 3 years ago cost me 2800 €, my gun is not a model, the manufacturer built the gun as depending on the parts that the buyer chooses. I recommend you visit the website of SVI INFINITY. Un saludo

Berettamarksman: Yes, after barrel fitting to a specific pistol SVI uses Titanium Nitride to coat the barrel. Although I like the finish in my SVI barrel its not just for show, the Nitride reduces friction of feed and slide. The Beretta 92FS was the first pistol I ever owned and still compete with it. So, every once in a while ill take it out for the Open Division here in CA for fun. But my Infinity custom 1911 is truly a work of art. In short, with a gun like this you cant blame your hardware on misses.

turkeylips17: i'm guessing that you mean Western Arms, and sorry but this isnt an airsoft. its a proper, grown up's gun.

njhftvj: WOW! se parece a la de RoboCop,seria interesante que este tipo de revisiones,se pudieran ver en los canales de videos de mexico,ya que en mexico la cultura de las armas esta muy satanizada y restringida.por eso la poblacion civil es mas vulnerable.

Skyler Johnson: alot

rogerdelauria: Thank you for your advices. It is true, I have the bad constumbre of liberating the sliding panel at one stroke, it is a practice that I have to correct.

rogerdelauria: En breve tendré nuevos videos, serás el primero en saberlo, saludos.

antimaatter: how much is this gun?

razr: very nice!

rogerdelauria: certain! it is not necessary, but it facilitates much its extraction and it avoids that the spring jumps to you. Greetings.

soccer13931: how much was it and where did u get it

rogerdelauria: This gun cost € 2800 and it took 9 months to receive

tyzo666: dude! i havent even seen this model on the sv website! i love the ridges, and 2 tone pistols are always the best!!

D Moreno: sweet gun

AboutX69XNinjas: Anyone else notice that he carfuly lets the hammer down with his fingers, but drops the slide on an empty chamber?

rogerdelauria: The only specific models that are manufactured SVI Scepter and Tiki. What is really good is the option that has the client personally select the components to build an Infinity "unique".

thetrashrabbit: what song is this? please tell me.

varsovia2000: BELLA ARMA

MarylandShadowOpsAir: but will it blend?

hackman1911: Damn, if I had a gun like that I'd be showing it off too.

riflesks: The SIV Infinity 1911 is a completely custom job, they build the 1911 according to your specifications and it can run over three grand Go to sivgunsdotcom and use there gunbuilder.

Daytonaman675: Wait - was that a captured recoil spring? Woudl you mind showing the tear down on that recoil group?

rogerdelauria: Yes, so I had to change the audio.

Brent Nowell: Quite nice, I've always liked the full frame feature of the SVI guns, really like how it comes together with the end of the slide, giving it a much more modern look. The grooves in the slide and frame are awesome. Give us a video of you firing it!!!

narehabako: wow what a beauty! i luv it ! i just like guns but i'm not a shooter coz i'm not good at it.however my .40 90two beretta made look like a competitor.

pinoypogi1983: i have a gun. svi reciever plus caspian slide. it works well in competitions.

rogerdelauria: what have you seen in this video?. I don't understand why you think I don't know nothing about this gun. Say me what you think is wrong and try to make a constructive review instead of make nit-pickings.

SigSkyline: Thanks but that's not telling me much. My SIG P228 shoots that. How about bullet type? Bullet weight? Type and amount of propellant?

40calfmj: drooling to have one shucks!

silverworks22: how much that gun cost exactly?

silverworks22: thats the gun i want to buy much is it?

Drakett: oh thats a real one i want the airsoft one lmao

mak10blazin: cheers went to the site it led me to JPP IMPORTS as im in NZ they are in AUSTRALIA what can i say but WOW your right they are pricey but you pay for what you get!!!i was gonna get a STI 4 IPSC BUT im keen 4 the SVI now time to start saving i like the slide cuts on this guys very very nice!!!

lovshooting: What is the thing you are sting into the guide rod.. is it metal plastic...

rogerdelauria: gunpowder: 7.2 grains CSB-OE ,for accuracy 5.2 grains. bullet: RG 124 grains round nose copper

LightBliss: Great gun, I love double stack frames such as the STI and SVI, watch my single stack video"Custom 1911 guns".

jimborit: Nice pinky ring!

Suspeso: amigo perdona mi ignorancia, esta arma es de GAS CO2 o de Resorte, donde puedo encontrar una igual a la tuya? es increible!

rogerdelauria: No, it is manufactured in the USA, TEXAS.

rynosito: aprende a desarmar la wea primero xD

rogerdelauria: Gracias por tu comentario tan instructivo. Por otro lado , me tomo la libertad de darte yo otro consejo: Aprende tú a usar mejor la lengua de Cervantes. PD: dudo mucho que tengas tu una SVI, si así fuera sabrías que es un poco peculiar a la hora de desarmarla. Un saludo.

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