GTA V - How To Pick Up A Prostitute & Location

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Nickvlogs: What is that place called

Clorox Bleach: After I'm done I also kill her and get my money back

Vbfhh Bvhj: Thanks for tip on game

Robin Tammik: screwed a hooker in online and some guy came and watched after i was done i sent him a message saying: perv

Emerald enthusiast Channel: Whoooo

Rebellious Gamer: I've seen em ALL OVER THE FREAKING MAP you can picks up anywhere at anytime of the night.

Mike Alexas: My pickle is like 4 inches, she wont even need to move when she blows or sits on me

The Red One: What button is it if its on PC?

Juan Carlos Navarro García (Karloz): We all know that after he turned off the camera he came back again for another service. And yeah, with that one.


Lily Wat: A glitch happened to me Micheal was hanging with Franklin and  i picked up a prostitute and it was Franklin giving me a bj O_O

josh sletten: Dude really

Swearing Is For Bistros: Can you pick up a prostitute as Michael

Bunny Gallemore: Thanks for pointers

LasagnaBreakfast: Ended in style

Aurora Lara: I picked one up, she ran off and I had to shoot her.

Chase Keith: Is this online

Bryan Hellouin: I remember picking up a hooker once, but it was at dawn close to a basket ball park. Maybe there's some others places and time to get them. Nice video by the way

JayTheAce TV: What if your a female character in Online mode and you picked up a hooker?

Halle Williams: My brother got this game and I hope this nigga don't do this crap it's disgusting its like real life man this young girls selling their body this game suck
GTA V - How to Pick up a Prostitute & Location 5 out of 5

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GTA V - How to Pick up a Prostitute & Location