How To Do African Style Braided Bun

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Brittany Williams: Great job!!

TheYanicca: Im pretty sure the spray was oil sheen to hydrate the hair & make it shine. The white stuff was foaming mousse to shine & smooth and stray hair from the braids (flyaways)

yolandaa hair: hi great job.please can u tell me the names of the white n spray u put at the end? how many time did u do for that style?

hahablahblah25: Beautiful!! I'm about to do my mother's hair like this!

joykakes: Very nice job showing the knotless braiding.

Hawatha Robinson: I wonder what's the white stuff that you put on the braids at the end of the presentation

galerude: I like your work, will you post more videos?

C Whitsett: Great Job!!!

Chrysantha Austin: that just help me alot i was havin some problems with bun

shakiya00: i love that!! thanks!

Jakia Iverson: very pretty!

BRAID LOVE: Nice video. How do you keep them from being so tight?

MsMick111: This is sooo pretty. Oh how I wish you were in Cleveland. Thanks you both soooo Much, im glad you enjoyed :) Thanks :)

shanunie: very nice work

Nkechi Enwereji: awesome!

snapnappy40: You are so good at what you do. I don't know if I could get that close together but you inspire me to keep trying. You are Awesome!
how to do African style braided bun 4.8 out of 5

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how to do African style braided bun