White Widow Harvest Time.

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Blunt Man: What was the yield?

jesusog kush: god bless u

RoNiNk: symphony of science ? )

Tightmanhole: are you using soil or hydro?

randev nasty: Great vid man keep it up

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nicola devilli: 6:48 Aaron <3

StonedVilija: legend, symphony of science in the background

skye gia: yo highland buds thanx for this great video me and my budy got one for fair price and seening this video got us verry excited =)

kris mcaulay: were in fife do u stay so i can come tax u lol

DorY Baeat: hey buddy, how much do you ussualy wait until you harvest?

Bubble Haze: if i was you i would turn that fan to face the wall of the tent so the cannabis dries slower ;) but to each their own :)

HighlandBuds: Sorry for the late reply dude. Most of their additives are for use on all media, so can be used for soil,hydro and so on. They do have some like your flower a and b and veg nutrients that are specific for soil or hydro. But Canna do an organic range as well. If you check out there Bio range, that is all their organic nutrients. Thanks for the comment.

HighlandBuds: I'f I'm not mistaken it was about 11 ounce of bud, and there was about 8 or 9 grams of hash. The plants could of been a bit bigger though, they were put into flower a little early. There was no co2 used on this crop, I have found it difficult to find a steady supplier of it. Thanks for the comment.

Derek B: what was the yeild of the flower and the hash ?????????? were u co2 pumping?

TitaniumSrb: can you use canna on an organic soil?

HighlandBuds: Hey dude, sorry for the late reply. It's the bc northern lights producer it doesn't quite fit in a closet but if you have a spare bit of space in a spare room that's all you need. If you check my first video. I talk about some of the gear I use. The lights are two 400 watt hps bulbs, so it's a 800 watt garden.

HighlandBuds: Well have used a few different brands, but at the moment I'm using Canna nutrients. Will probably use the last of it on the next crop and maybe try another brand. I can't say I have any complaints with Canna nutrients so far, they seem to work pretty good. Thanks for the comment.

Dropping Beats: what nutrients do you use?

Veronica Livermore: Yeah That's is "freaking Gorgeous" Enjoying the Fruits of my Darling.Thank You for Your UK Update's. Very Educational. Straight Up Truthful. Beautiful Grow my Friend...
White Widow Harvest Time. 5 out of 5

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White Widow Harvest Time.