P0335 - GM 4.3 Crank Sensor Shim

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Dustin Grant: +wtbm123 I noticed the sensor was rubbing a bit. Mechanic Is going to look at it tomorrow. Hope he can find the problem. Thanks for all your help. Most appreciated.

Dustin Grant: +wtbm123 I called my Gm dealer and they said they had no such shims or there parts manual did not show one. So I took the sensors To NAPA and explained to the parts guy what i was looking to do. He gave me two thin plastic washers. They where pretty thin plastic washers I installed them. Truck was running fine. Driving to work about a half our i noticed my tach jump a few time. but had no problems until my way home from work about a half our of driving on the highway my truck started to misfire and lose power. The tach was jumping around 2000 RPMs. I had it towed and when I got it home the truck started right up service engine light was out. I am at a total loss . If you have any idea your opinions would be welcome.

Dustin Grant: Thanks for the immediate response. I meant that I was going to use a paper gasket by using a micrometer to get the right size . Just was wondering what size would be sufficient +wtbm123 The cover has been replaced so i think this is my problem.

Dustin Grant: Great video! I think this is my problem, Called the Gm dealer had no record of the shim used. I am going to get a a washer tomorrow but I am not sure what size it should be i Have seen different sizes for the shim online in other videos and foruams. What size do you think I should get? Once again great vid! +wtbm123 I hope this solves my issue.

ghermaine yepez: thank you sir!

Carmin Silva: we have a GM astro van 95 and we look the position for that sensor
can u help me with that please
thank you

Robert Botello: any feedback? did it fix for good

Thomass: Excellent video !   These systems match my 95 4.3 exactly. I don't have the rubbing on my sensor , but its acting like this even after replacing the coil pack , ignition module , plugs wires and cap. So Im going to be replacing my sensor tonight after I run an test if its good. I also learned how to do this today. Thank you !

Mike O: Thanks for the video!!! Had some issues on  the parkway with a miss when id jump on it and the tach was all over the place, my check engine light came on, scanned it, goggled the code and your video came up. Parts store didn't have the shims but had some "fiber washers" . I didn't have the groove  cut in my sensor. I used 1 washer and its all fixed so thank you so much
btw its an 03 GMC Sonoma 4.3

Pat Whaley: I started my truck for work on a cold morning, went inside to use bathroom, come out its barley running RPMs were low. I go to give it gas and it shut off, and it hasn't restarted since then. would this be the most likely problem would you think?

76chyanne: no your vid is well explained ,the time cover was not replaced sensor just crapped out ,put new one in and fired up this guy was tost i just got my self obssesd with shim cause a four dollar fix was better then 100 but cover was not replaced so it was my bad not listening thanks for vid

Probedude2000: Electrically not yet. No running issues, just the code. Going to get a used one at the junkyard to try.

wtbm123: I agree if the sensor is not hitting then it does not need shined. Have you checked the sensor its self

Probedude2000: I measured the part tonight. Definitely a 0.020" shim, 0.75" I.D. 1.00" O.D. will work. Can get these from McMasterCarr for $6 for 25 qty. Unfortunately the PO335 error is not due to the reluctor hitting the sensor on the Jimmy - no witness marks. Depth to reluctor is 0.74", depth of sensor is 0.70". Looking elsewhere for my PO335 problem.

wtbm123: Maybe a local parts store would let you measure one there.

Probedude2000: Yes for thickness, not for I.D. / O.D of the shim itself. Going to buy 0.75" I.D. shims and keep my fingers crossed they'll work.

wtbm123: The size would be determined by how much it needs shimmed.Just add till you are sure it does not hit but not to far out it will not pick up signal.

Probedude2000: Do you still have a sensor? Really just need the O.D. of the sensor to know what the I.D. of the shim needs to be.

Probedude2000: Thank you. It's a friends vehicle that I'm going to take a look at tomorrow to help them out. I suspect it will need to be shimmed. McMasterCarr has 0.020" thick shims, 25 for $6 and I can get them in a day. Cheaper than Autozone at $4 each and then I'll have enough to give away to others. Just wish I knew for sure the size.

wtbm123: I do not have one to measure,but some take more than one shim. You only need to shim if it is hitting. Mine was hitting pretty hard so I used a piece of thin black gasket material. No harm in shimming out as it will not hit anything. Most of the time i have ran in to the need to shim is when a plastic cover has been reused.If you do not see where it is hitting it may not need shimmed.
P0335 - GM 4.3 crank sensor shim 5 out of 5

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P0335 - GM 4.3 crank sensor shim