P0335 - GM 4.3 Crank Sensor Shim

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Robert Botello: any feedback? did it fix for good

Thomas Perakovic: Excellent video !   These systems match my 95 4.3 exactly. I don't have the rubbing on my sensor , but its acting like this even after replacing the coil pack , ignition module , plugs wires and cap. So Im going to be replacing my sensor tonight after I run an test if its good. I also learned how to do this today. Thank you !

Mike O: Thanks for the video!!! Had some issues on  the parkway with a miss when id jump on it and the tach was all over the place, my check engine light came on, scanned it, goggled the code and your video came up. Parts store didn't have the shims but had some "fiber washers" . I didn't have the groove  cut in my sensor. I used 1 washer and its all fixed so thank you so much
btw its an 03 GMC Sonoma 4.3

Pat Whaley: I started my truck for work on a cold morning, went inside to use bathroom, come out its barley running RPMs were low. I go to give it gas and it shut off, and it hasn't restarted since then. would this be the most likely problem would you think?

jvw57: 2001 Astro w 4.3L, I changed the sensor and the new one came with 2 shims measuring .020 each.  I did not add the shims as the one I took out was not scratched.. The new one lasted about a week and when I pulled it off, it was scratched. I added both shims and it was magically fixed. Thanks for this video!! 

TwiZtiDTeXas: Okay so you built a new shim for it, and reused the same sensor. What happens if I buy a New Delco sensor for it do I still need to buy a shim for it or no? Thanks for the vid.

KenMildred BarnabyBlais: just a tip about this change of crank censor there is a retainer nut inside casing that hole censor this retainer nut will lossin after time and cause the crank censor to move around and cause the mulit missfire error it just happen to me a little piece of twine to hold it together and some five min epoxy put bolt throu censor first tread retainer nut back on just a few threads then put enough epoxy on it push it back up in place then re tighting nut should work fi for you and could save you 110 dollars on new crank censor hope this helps someone

jamesrussell0823: I had the very same issue.  I pulled the engine to replace the crankshaft, main bearings, rod bearings, and oil pump.  As everyone knows, you must remove the time chain cover.  All was well and then all of a sudden I got the check engine light and the 3000 rpm issues.  I am so glad that I ran across this video!  I fashioned a "shim" from a piece of gasket material that I had, popped the crankshaft position sensor back in and viola, I have my strong running Blazer back.  For those of you with this issue, you can get the shim at AutoZone for about $4.00 if you don't have a way of making one for yourself.  The AZ part number is SU12931.  Hope this helps for other folks!!

omar pinckney: I was always trying to figure out why that was happening thanks!!!

joat rating: We all should take the time and post videos like this to spread our own knowledge. .

hpelsilenciohp martinez: u can get it in ebay for only 25.00 buck

hpelsilenciohp martinez: thanks bro i wonder where was located

MARTINLOCZ: I have a 2000 gmc savanna same motor and need to know where its located please thanks

osocali777: Thnx 4 the tip u just saved me 80 bucks that I can spend on something else on my engine.....appreicate ya taking the time to post helps alot of us

Ten Second BuickGN: good stuff :)

76chyanne: no your vid is well explained ,the time cover was not replaced sensor just crapped out ,put new one in and fired up this guy was tost i just got my self obssesd with shim cause a four dollar fix was better then 100 but cover was not replaced so it was my bad not listening thanks for vid

Probedude2000: Electrically not yet. No running issues, just the code. Going to get a used one at the junkyard to try.

wtbm123: I agree if the sensor is not hitting then it does not need shined. Have you checked the sensor its self

Probedude2000: I measured the part tonight. Definitely a 0.020" shim, 0.75" I.D. 1.00" O.D. will work. Can get these from McMasterCarr for $6 for 25 qty. Unfortunately the PO335 error is not due to the reluctor hitting the sensor on the Jimmy - no witness marks. Depth to reluctor is 0.74", depth of sensor is 0.70". Looking elsewhere for my PO335 problem.

wtbm123: Maybe a local parts store would let you measure one there.
P0335 - GM 4.3 crank sensor shim 5 out of 5

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P0335 - GM 4.3 crank sensor shim