P0335 - GM 4.3 Crank Sensor Shim

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Stanley Waggoner: Thanks for making this video.
I have been chasing a P0300 code in my '96 S10 4.3 liter for over a month. I checked and doubled checked all the normal components that contribute to setting this code, but found no issues. After seeing this video, I thought this might be the problem. I removed the crankshaft sensor for inspection, but It did not exhibit the wear pattern from rubbing the crankshaft. However, the sensor and connector was covered lightly in oil. I thoroughly cleaned and reinstalled it with die-electric grease. It's been a week now, and the random misfires that ranged from 1500-3500 rpm have not returned.

Junior Ortiz: were is the location?under the mortor??on top??next to alternator???thanks

Miguel Gallardo: Thanks

Bashafacein: hey wtbm123, my truck had had problems stalling and sometimes the truck would just shut off. I replaced the Ignition switch, didnt stall for a week. Now at around 60-70 KM/h it will jerk like it was going to lose power then run fine. Should I replace this part? 2000 blazer 4.3. Already replaced cap, rotor, fuel pump, distributer, serpentine belt. iridum plugs and wires 2 years ago.. Starts fine and runs good when it does run.

Bret Earwood: what if the opposite is true? I got a 4.3l that doesn't pick up a crank signal on cold mornings. I use a sensor that has been shaved down to get it closer to the reluctor wheel bit I can feel it making contact. Only way I can get it started. When it warms up, a standard sensor works. What would cause this?

Dan: I had the oil pan and rear main seal replaced by the dealership and shortly after the truck started missing and wouldn't rev over 3000 RPM. I looked around to see that they could have touched and saw the crank sensor attached to the front cover so I replaced the sensor and viola it ran fine!

Flash forward a few years later and I'm having the same issues as in your video. Truck misses under a load in 4th gear, mostly in cylinders #1 and #2. I pulled my sensor again and it's scared worse than yours. I tried the shim, Autozone sells them for $4.99. But the truck still runs the same. I ordered a new AC Delco sensor and will install with the shim. I believe it needs a crank relearn to run optimally?

Robert Heuer: where are they located on an 88 4.3l?

1oldmaster: wtbm123, The original crankshaft position sensor was damaged because the timing cover was not reinstalled in the exact same position. The timing cover is a one time use. If it is removed, it must be replaced. If the timing cover, and or crankshaft position sensor, is moved, removed, replaced, or disturbed in any way, (including removing the timing cover), a crankshaft position sensor relearn MUST be performed with a scan tool capable of initiating it. If you don't perform the relearn, the engine will still start and run, but injector timing and ignition timing will be incorrect, and no DTC will be set in memory. The relearn "tells" the PCM the precise location of the sensor.

Arnulfo Briones: no marks on the sensor it was brand new changed it yesterday

Arnulfo Briones: I have a 2005 chevy silversdo 1500 4.3 truck was acting exactly how you were saying your was ,and got a diagnostic and ended up being the sensor replaced it with a autozone sensor nothing change ,then I bought a sensor from oriellys it it worked for about a day then it started jerking again it came with 2 shims put 1 on it and still no change actually worse than it was any help?

Toad Phillips: You sir are a genius, I was thinking I was going to spend $70 on a new sensor, I just put a piece of old gasket on and it completely fixed the truck. Thank you!

amelio882004: This has to be whats wrong with my Astro. going to pull it tomorrow and see if there are marks on it. should i shim it or just buy a new sensor? Im a touch confused, what is the cover that is mentioned a few times in the comments?

jrnyfannowandthen: my replacement sensor from Oreily's had two shims with it.

Dustin Grant: + wtbm123 Thnxs for all your help. My mechanic ran a diagnostic test and it told him Po325 and Po341 which leads to a new distributor which cost me 155.22. so far truck is running well.

Dustin Grant: +wtbm123 I noticed the sensor was rubbing a bit. Mechanic Is going to look at it tomorrow. Hope he can find the problem. Thanks for all your help. Most appreciated.

Dustin Grant: +wtbm123 I called my Gm dealer and they said they had no such shims or there parts manual did not show one. So I took the sensors To NAPA and explained to the parts guy what i was looking to do. He gave me two thin plastic washers. They where pretty thin plastic washers I installed them. Truck was running fine. Driving to work about a half our i noticed my tach jump a few time. but had no problems until my way home from work about a half our of driving on the highway my truck started to misfire and lose power. The tach was jumping around 2000 RPMs. I had it towed and when I got it home the truck started right up service engine light was out. I am at a total loss . If you have any idea your opinions would be welcome.

Dustin Grant: Thanks for the immediate response. I meant that I was going to use a paper gasket by using a micrometer to get the right size . Just was wondering what size would be sufficient +wtbm123 The cover has been replaced so i think this is my problem.

Dustin Grant: Great video! I think this is my problem, Called the Gm dealer had no record of the shim used. I am going to get a a washer tomorrow but I am not sure what size it should be i Have seen different sizes for the shim online in other videos and foruams. What size do you think I should get? Once again great vid! +wtbm123 I hope this solves my issue.

ghermaine yepez: thank you sir!
P0335 - GM 4.3 crank sensor shim 5 out of 5

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P0335 - GM 4.3 crank sensor shim