Knife Preview : Sanrenmu 763 (Axis Lock Model)

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Roy D: Where do you pick up one of these Sanmenru or whatever? Most of these are SS and heavy. Thanks Jeff.

dale carpenter: I got a rat1 and rat 2 that were highly recommended that are cull units out of box .and almost had to get stitches on my thumb from lock fail on the rat 1 .the rat 1 had lock stick on the first opening i had to use a tool to close it then i didnt notice that the lock failed to engage and popped shut on my thumb
The rat 2 has lock slop and pivot slop .un- fixable .you say return them .i say they aren't worth replacement or my time to do it .
I would request a review that doesnt make unfounded shots at quality of knives just because they made in china .
The Chinese are making good quality knives from the same materials ( with different names ) and just as good quality work .
I have many clones and all they need is some finish work .finish work that doesnt cost 10-100× over cost of production .
Reviewers making these unfounded claims just because its made in China give me cause to wonder about their honesty .
This anti- Chinese crap also makes me think that some one has bought the propaganda put out by the so called main steam lying news

Bogdan Z: Sanmenru

Alexander White: Got this same knife from my brother 3 years ago it's been my edc sense. Its been ran over with my car and I've even cut a rim out of a truck tire with it. Still working prime.

BassRaptor: 8 cr14mov i thought it was 440 c or are they the same thing?

Player Review: Sanrenmu, "the best piece of crap"... I fully agree about a lot of these 'quality' Chinese knives. I finally got a Ganzo and I am highly impressed by the quality/cost ratio, but it really falls short when I put it against my expensive super steel folders; That said, I would recommend these for those that want decent knives, but don't have the money to buy them.

Wade Patton: Hunters need grip.  Things get bloody you know and sometimes you are elbow deep in it. And as a craftsman, I simply modify things to suit my needs. Plenty easy to reduce grip and not so hard to enhance grip. cheers.

Alex: I wonder in how many more ways you'll pronounce SanRenMu :D

Major GLADIUS: Had this for a week now. So far, excellent for the 11 and change price tag.

RebelForce8: advertising chine crap.. ?

Arturro: I onw it and love it. There is no reason to carry a more expencive EDC.  10 years ago this would be the KOTY :) 

Jorge Bustamante: enter sanmanru

captainkid1: If your Benchmade axis lock bar really goes completely forward like you mention and what appears to be the case at 2:26 then that's a construction error in my opinion. I hope not all Benchmade's are like that.. (And I wouldn't think so) Because it leaves no room for wear what so ever. If the axis lock has wear, (in the liner grooves or the lock bar or the tang of the knife) it is a not a problem because the lock bar will just slide a little bit more towards the blade.

Stoney Lonsome: Oh, one warning with these knives though, they come apart easily but are hard to get back together- at least the 710 can be. Had To clean mine once, never do it again. Took hours to figure out how to get it back together correctly. You have to hold both washers in place while sliding the blade between the stainless scales then push the pin through, sounds easy, its not.

Stoney Lonsome: Sanrenmu, not Sanranmu and they make great knives. I collect so, I buy a lot of the higher end, American made knives- Benchmade, Spyderco, Kershaw all the usual suspects. I picked up both the Sanrenmu 710 and 910 not long ago in a combo pack, for like 40 bucks believe it or not. They've turned out to be two of the best users I have, love the 910 for heavier work and the 710 is a great edc. This company is underrated, they produce many of the cheaper spydercos, they know what's up.

AppealPlay: "If you like knives, you'll like this video." Right. As if people didn't like knives. You so silly!

German Redneck: sanrenmu produces the spyderco tenacious line, they know what theyre doing

zfocus: The best crap is Enlan EL 01, but this one comes close

Brandon Goad: Awesome vid!!!

Jesse Ferguson: Love mine. All of my SRM knives, in fact.
Knife Preview : Sanrenmu 763 (Axis Lock Model) 5 out of 5

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Knife Preview : Sanrenmu 763 (Axis Lock Model)