Behringer X32 - Bus Setup Explanation - NRCC

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Dan Bunker: I can't figure out how to keep my channel eq out of my mix busses.  Any help on this?  I spent hours with every possible config.

George Schamy: Hello Drew, thanks for your tutorials, they put me from 0 to 100 in no time using the X32 Rack. My question is as follow: lets say I am sending an Stereo track and a Mic to an in-ear using BUS 1, now I want to add reverb efect only to the mic going to that in-ear.

Blake.TV: I'm looking to connect an iPod to an X32 that is using a mono connection to our PA system. How could I link channels together?

eyebag12: What are the difference of groups and subgroups and what are those for?

Perry Jurancich: hi, I appreciate your videos...very helpful.
Do u have a tutorial on the "sends on fader" ?

Mikee535: clear as mud

myron blackmon: My church uses the x32 with p16s,  I haven't been able to figure out how to engage my talk back using the p16 system,  please help....

Tyler Patten: So, I am completely lost with my x 32 producer. I have no formal sound schooling and our last board was not digital. Can't even figure out how to route my sound so I can control levels with the main fader. Anyone have any resources I can use to actually run this the way I need to? Everything on YouTube and in the forums seems to be for people who actually know what they are talking about I'm in just here like a dumbass.

Bloodbath and Beyond: Could you please run this video through the new stabilization features on YouTube (under "enhancements" below your video)? The shaky cam is making me dizzy. Thanks!

Cesar Pineda: Gracias Drew por tus videos, me han ayudado mucho!! bendiciones bro

John Cali: Drew,

I have been running an analog system for 20 years and recently got into the x32. Your videos have been SO helpful. Thank you so much for posting them.

Wale Adebanjo: Hi Drew. I am using my X32 in a live band. I could only get to use output channels 1 to 4 because others didn't work. What can I do please? Thanks.

tharon drake: Thanks for taking the time to do this, you just saved me like a yrs worth of reading a manual and stuff. Showed me exactly what i needed to do.

PewPewReload: You said a TON about what you do, but not HOW you do it...  frustrated setting up subgroups on this mixer.

Duncan Ramsbottom: Hi Drew, I have 6 in ear buses.  They have all been set up as pre fader.  The slider on some of them doesn't adjust the overall volume in the in ear.  Do you perhaps know what the problem could be.

TheKnarlyKarly: Great videos.  We just bought an X32 at our church and are upgrading from a 16 year old A&H 48 channel board.  Your videos are helping me determine some of the best ways to configure the board such that the learning curve for our various volunteers is minimal.  Thx!

Magnus Larsson: Hello Drew. I'm writing to you from Sweden and I have a question about setting up a X32 for a choir. What is best, using DCA and putting dynamics on each woice in ,for example the tenors, ore use a subgroup and put the dynamics on that group? I got my X32 a couple days ago and in about two weeks I'm in charge of a gospelconcert whit about 20 mics in the choir so it would be nice to hear your opinion. Regards Magnus

muzikman2008: I Hope Behringer are paying you for your hard work?...great helpful videos thanks :-)

Christian Lee: I can't figure out how to use the rca Aux 5/6 with laptop, PC, cd player, etc. Can you help me Drew?

1980sCoverband: Hey Drew, could you explain or give examples of why you would want a mixbus master to be "pre-fader" mode???  The X32 allows the option for you to do this; but, I'm confused why you'd want the bus masters to be assigned prefader.  To me, this does not make sense because you would not have control of the overal volume of that particular mixbus.
Behringer X32 - Bus Setup Explanation - NRCC 5 out of 5

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Behringer X32 - Bus Setup Explanation - NRCC