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TheKnarlyKarly: Great videos. We just bought an X32 at our church and are upgrading from a 16 year old A&H 48 channel board. Your videos are helping me determine some of the best ways to configure the board such that the learning curve for our various volunteers is minimal. Thx!

muzikman2008: I Hope Behringer are paying you for your hard work?...great helpful videos thanks :-)

Duncan Ramsbottom: Hi Drew, I have 6 in ear buses. They have all been set up as pre fader. The slider on some of them doesn't adjust the overall volume in the in ear. Do you perhaps know what the problem could be.

Magnus Larsson: Hello Drew. I'm writing to you from Sweden and I have a question about setting up a X32 for a choir. What is best, using DCA and putting dynamics on each woice in ,for example the tenors, ore use a subgroup and put the dynamics on that group? I got my X32 a couple days ago and in about two weeks I'm in charge of a gospelconcert whit about 20 mics in the choir so it would be nice to hear your opinion. Regards Magnus

Christian Lee: I can't figure out how to use the rca Aux 5/6 with laptop, PC, cd player, etc. Can you help me Drew?

1980sCoverband: Hey Drew, could you explain or give examples of why you would want a mixbus master to be "pre-fader" mode??? The X32 allows the option for you to do this; but, I'm confused why you'd want the bus masters to be assigned prefader. To me, this does not make sense because you would not have control of the overal volume of that particular mixbus.

xsistor1: How do i get the mix buses to my PA main or route to their as of right i cannot control my mains. The only way i get sound out is by hitting the stereo button but still have no control also how would i set up my subs would i use a mix bus

xsistor1: Still no go, im running through a bus i could not get it to assign to the mains if possible maybe a vid on a PA setup ive been searching youtube but i cannot find anything.

BigHeartedMan65: DREW I Figured it out . It is just like setting up the monitor mix .. THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP .....

Dan Scott: Drew, we have 7 P16 boxes on stage...all the musicians use them. Does each P16 require its own pre-fader bus to allow the musicians to make their personal mon mix from stage?

Bobby Ruggiero: Merry Christmas and thank you for all the great videos on the x32. I was wondering if you can help me setting up a mix for the pm 16. I'm trying to sub mix drums to 2 Chanel's (got that done) but now I was hoping to get some reverb on the sub mix. Better yet, all the sub mix drums except the kick drum? Thank you so much!!!

Rooco Juan: Drew! I´ve a problem! I´ve been using the buses for monitors on pre fader mode. the thing is I´cant mute it! how can this be posible!? the thing is that i press the mute and the button turns on but nothing happens! Please help me! thanks...

BigHeartedMan65: DREW , You never said HOW you sent the signal from your Channels to your Sub Groups .. HOW do you do that ?

Adam Rollin: When the buses are set up as subgroups, does each fader channel represent a stereo subgroup, or would you need two faders to accomplish stereo?

nyaudioengineer: ala Dave Rat

Drew Brashler: The main outs are programmable, however in the stock setup from Behringer, L is on output 15 and R is on output 16.

Evelyn Monroig: Thanks!!!

Drew Brashler: I'm sorry it took so long to reply, it showed up as spam apparently. The 16 outputs on the back of the board are separate from the ultranet. Inside the routing of the X32 you can select what is being sent into the P16 monitors. So yes, you would be able to free up those.

J-N-H-M: so how do you route stuff out of the actual AUX outs not just the 16 outs

Drew Brashler: You can also decide what to let through your subs with the Low Cut filter on the X32 channels. My subwoofers's crossover point is 100Hz, so I can set that a bit above 100Hz and that does the same function. I have run aux fed subs in the past and I have found that on an analog console it is great, but with the X32 it was very clunky to run it this way. Now that there are the crossover filters in the matrix section it would aid to this type of setup as you have a bit more control that way.

Simon Magnusson Music: The user interface looks like Ableton Live

Drew Brashler: I feed the music channels into the LR bus via subgroups, CD/AV also feeds the LR directly. Speech feeds the Mono bus. I feed the LR and M bus into Matrix 1 for feeding the PA off of Output 16. I also feed the Mono and LR bus into Matrix 3&4 for sending to recording devices such as our video system and 70v system for the bathrooms. I mix the mono bus +4dB into Matrix 3&4 and LR -8dB into Matrix 3&4. This way speech sounds the same volume in the recording, even though it is quieter in the room.

Tom Burri: Hi and thanks for all your helpfull videos! Did you already made a video on the "compression-trick" at about 3:00? Or can you explain here in short words, how to configure it? This sounds interresting. Thanks, Tom

stronald: Hi thanks. How do you assing a channel to a busgroup?

Drew Brashler: Yes, because my main PA system is mono, I have all my channels in a mono spacing. I route the mono channels into mono subgroups. The subgroups then get fed to the LR buss and into matrix 3 & 4 (setup as a stereo link) to be able to output to my CD recorder, video recording system and a live feed to another room. This is at the stereo device still mono (aka in the center with no panning). Matrix 1 is the output to my main PA system. Also my in ear monitors are mono.

Drew Brashler: heck yes! Dave Rat is awesome.

Dave Korynoski: Sorry for calling you berry drew

Drew Brashler: The 6 aux in's and out's are additional outs that can be used for various things. They can be set up as a hardware insert point on any channel or mix bus (it will add 0.7ms delay time into the audio path). Or you can use the aux in for adding an iPod or CD player into the X32 without taking up any of the 32 XLR ins. I have my CD player and iPod on the Aux in's. Then I have a CD recorder using the Aux 5 and 6 out for recording our sermons to a CD. Think of the AUX in/out as line level stuff.

J-N-H-M: but then what are the 6 aux Ins , and 6 aux outs for on the back?

Al Edwards: PA mono, Monitor mono. So from the rear you feed the PA from where L&R or from the mix out 1 ?

Gergely Csaba Kaposvári: Thank you for the reply! I am glad to know that, I used the bus setup for a Rolng M480 and it was working like a charm. Yeah but now I do get the point of yours, nice workaround. And, cleaner too.

Lucas David Suàrez: Hi, thanks for sharing this video! i need some help, i need to create two channels as master bus, but i don`t know how to do this. Becouse i need 3 equals masters channels, for 3 differents recorders! Thanks !

Drew Brashler: Reliability is hard to gauge so close to the release of the product. Unforturnatly only time will tell for that. The X32 comes with a three year warrenty so I do not have any worries about it. Quality wise is amazing. I really think this is a Midas console with a Behringer logo on it. The audio is VERY clear and VERY quiet. Much quieter and better sounding than the 48-Channel Allen & Heath ML4000 which the X32 replaced at my church. The preamps are Midas designed. Simply put, I love it!

Drew Brashler: A DCA is a "digitally controlled amplifier" which is basically a remote control to the faders of which are selected on that DCA. It is NOT an audio path or summation point. You would need to bring the drums into a mix bus to be able to add them into the P16 as a group as the mix bus is a summing point for the audio. Let me know if you have any questions on how to set this up!

Stephen Gonzales: I'm using the x32 with the p16 system and I'm trying to figure out how to send a drums group into a channel on the p16. Right now I have the drums on a DCA so I can bring them up or down together in the house but when designating your p16 channels you don't have DCAs as an option. How can I get a drum mix into my p16? Appreciate the vids,

MrPaulBa: I HAVE A LITTLE QUESTION: Do you use only mono groups (for drums, vocals) ? If you record the groups via a matrix bus, your drums and vocals are then in mono, or I'm wrong? Or you do you send the drums direct to the main mix and then to the matrix for recording? Thanks for your nice video tutorials, it helps me a lot, because we change in the next month to the x32 in our church in Germany.

Ric Coon: Sounds like someone is a Dave rat fan!!

Ric Coon: You have compression on every channel, why not set them up so quiter stuff in subgroups doesn't get the blanket compression, and use the DCA's instead? L

Drew Brashler: Yup, the delay is on the output page defining the 16 omni outputs of the board. You will find this in the setup pages of the board. I believe it is 1ms to 500ms, but then again, I am not in front of the board to check! Let me know if you have issues finding it.

Drew Brashler: The main reason is that we have our recording feed setup off of the main mix of the board. So I want everything sounding the same on all sends that leave the board. If I was running an aux fed sub, I would never have the correct low end in the recordings that I would have in the room. So I let my EAW system processor handle the crossover and run it normally. Also on my subs, if I want more low end, I just use a LF shelf on the low end of the main feed and boost below 100Hz. Works great!

Francisco Martinez: can you make a video showing how to set up group buses, bus sends to monitors, post fader effect returns. Our church has put my in charge of selecting what digital mixer to get. I'm looking at this mixer and the live 24.4.2

nelydk: Isn't bus a mono channel? When you said you put all your drums on 1 bus for compression?

ZedLee100: Nice tutorials. I have found them very useful. Have you found a way to delay the mains, center fill, etc. outputs for time alignment? So far I have only found it on the Monitor outputs. (Top right hand control. Not "monitor" mix outs.) I want exactly what is on the Monitor outs, a simple delay not a delay effect. Thanks, Lee

Gergely Csaba Kaposvári: Hey, I'd have the sub on the aux so that you can decide which instrument you let through it. Is there any reason you don' like it this way?

fedele de marco: but for insert BUS? can i use for f.e. multirack inserting stereo bus via CAR USB o FW?

Dave Korynoski: Thanks berry for all the info I was wondering if you could show me how to set up the mains out to the s16 analog outs and also what eq you are using and comp post or pre eq and where to get smaartlive and the best way to use it with the x32 thanks dave christ church

Thomas Zimmer: Thanks for making AND sharing all of these very good made videos about the X32. I kind of "fell in love" with this mixer (since I use the old DDX3213 for my band and small events up to 6 Bands). So until I can afford the X32 I learn and dream with your videos. At 3:20 in this video you mentioned a "auto-mix" method by vary the the threshold of one and the same compressor. I'm very interested in this and can't wait for this tutorial. Thanks again for your great work! Kindly regards from Germany

Eli Ramos: Hi, super it's more easy when somebody explains it, thanks but, why some of the scribble strips are off??

YTisverycool2007: Hi, first of all thanks for posting all the x32 instructional videos! Our church is in the process of evaluating it and all your videos greatly help us!!!!!!!!!1 I do have one question that would greatly appreicate your clarification. I understand that Behringer x32 only have 16 outputs.  If we use the ultranet to setup the p16M would that allow us to free up the 16 outputs for something else since the p16M will be getting signal from Ultranet port instead of the 16 output ports? Thank you!

J-N-H-M: how do you get sounds to the AUX Outs ?
Behringer X32 - Bus Setup Explanation - NRCC 4.9 out of 5

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