News Reporter Catches Auto Repair Shops!

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T. Price: Since when does a fuse cost $4?

rambow70: I think Gerry's costume would have been better if they kept him white collar.

J: Gerry needs to fire his tailor. That jacket is about 2 sizes too big.

John Lenhart: Every business is corrupt including doctors and dentist and if you get police officers involved they become corrupt 2

Shane Rossbo: if someone brought me a car with a blown fuse, and no apparent problems with the circuit I would assume there is an intermittent electrical issue and probably stress out a bit during the diagnostic. thats kind of a dirty trick.

Sarge Forward: That Audra is a hot little number.

Joanna Hammond: I now try to do all the work myself, was a challenge at first but worth it. At least you know what is being done. More women should just learn what is required and just try it. It's not even that hard. If you don't want to do the work at least understand how all the car works, what components do which jobs, what connects to what, common failure modes, etc. Will save you a lot of money and let you have a lot of fun when you turn around and explain what is really going on. It's fun watching them go.. oh crap.. women knows things.. oh crap, we can't get away with this... :D

K Z: i got kick off 3 jobs because they wanted me to ripoff customer money but i tell them hell no fix it right or dont do at all that point and he fired me off jobs and second jobs they want me wait for week have car done but hell no i would have done today without wasted any time he fired me off and 3 jobs was far worse than any other store they destory motor and transmission from put water in motor oils and transmission fluids i tell boss what they doing he fires me off at First day got jobs so freak every shop is ripoff how not to fix anything but a penny
anyway i work on my own business travel engineer repairable "if ya broken down on side road i fix it goes back on roads in no time"

Paul Blueze: by

Paul Blueze: i love this lovely lady mechanic. I am a heavy collision man and auto restoration. If i worked with her we would do some real classics

James Barrett: Nicky looked like he blows valves all day

Cj Iscool: That would suck to pay 85 for a 4 dollar fuse. That's why you should learn to do simple stuff

truthseekr420 j: I work in a shop that gets paid by the hour, so we can do things right without rushing. If something ends up taking twice as long to get done right that is what happens, but we only charge what the book says for hours most the time. We always fix something if we can, to save people money. My boss even,lets people make payments. I wouldn't, because people never want to pay when they have their car back, they won't pay (some people) till they have to fix something else. He even lets some people pay with fire HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE

Michael Thorn: He said "pollution circulation valve" for PCV valve. What an idiot...."Positive Crankcase Ventilation. Dude should NOT be under a hood, much less getting paid for it.

Ganbare Goemon: thieving pricks

Just what i have been looking for: $85 to diagnose and replace a fuse! And he was the most honest of the lot! Rogues!

American Gun Nut: Lmao pollution circulation valve 😂

Chuck Taylor: $4 for a blade fuse? That's a rip-off.

freakyflow: Dad taught me a simple message : In life son no matter what it is. If you don't know anything about it, It will cost you.

Derek Anderson: You should know basic maintenance if you own a car such as changing a tire, air filter even checking fluids. If you can't do that you shouldn't own a car.
News reporter catches auto repair shops! 5 out of 5

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News reporter catches auto repair shops!