News Reporter Catches Auto Repair Shops!

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Auto shop owner facing felony charges after customer complaints
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MJR Performance: First, almost all auto repair shops that are worth anything don't have people standing around waiting for broken cars, and don't take walk-ins. That's a big red flag. Good shops are booked a few weeks out, and won't put off regular customers to fix your car on the spot. At a minimum, you'll have to leave it. Second, a blown fuse is suspect, as it's rarely "just" a blown fuse, and something in the circuit has caused an over-current. If someone comes to me, and I find a blown fuse, at a minimum, there's going to be a charge to test the system so the customer doesn't end up with the same problem a few days later... People who "just want a fuse changed" end up at places like those in the video. Cheap always costs more.

Kingtate55: Start shutting down their shops with first offense! That will wnd all this bullcrap.

unlimitedwealth1: No not just a few bad apples, at least 90/10 rotten apples

Beerus sama: My guts are boiling๐Ÿคฌ

Epic Rage Gaming: pollution control valve.....

Gabriella faks: Your doctor rips you off worse than any of these repair shops

Zombies Rule: I'm a long time auto mechanic,I've worked for many shops as well as for myself. Most auto repair shops employ a service advisor or service manager,the owner doesn't care what really goes on as long as they are making lots of money and aren't getting sued.the service manager makes a salary or commission based on that money ,and by experience he is instructed to sale anything he can, and the service advisor is going to try to do what they call "step the customer" that is talk them into repairs that aren't really needed..they look for knowledgeable people who seem fearful of being without their car and seem to have more money than time...the thing is the mechanic is paid a much lower wage and is usually blamed for everything....don't just know your car know who is actually doing the a young mechanic i remember being instructed to step aside and watched the service advisor and store director lie to a lady and scare her into a large unnecessary repair...of course i had to do the extra unnecessary work but walked out the next day

kam man: Whats the point of all this they still gonna do it. We send thieves to jail but these guys nothing bcos they own a business

Vegas knights: Doctor$ do the $ame $hit to their patient$. Do an UNDERCOVER DOCTOR series.

FirstLadyJoy: You Auto Know!!! Meanwhile, I barely know what gas to pump! GO AUDRA!!!๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜Šโ˜บโค๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’›

haydi kim: Oh oh busted.

MusicConnoisseurian: 4 out of 5 shops recommending service you don't need.... Seems like the odds of finding an honest mechanic are low, but looks like it's NYC too - hopefully, I'll have better luck.

redlightflash: A 4 dollar fuse wtf thats most apalling part of this video

George Williams: I agree that the shop featured in the expose is fraudulent. However, bringing in a car to be diagnosed that had been deliberately sabotaged is unfair. It is possible that a shop that is straight might not notice the saboutage, and night end up doing "unnecessary repairs."

Consumer Reports did this sort of thing, too, and was criticized for it.

Logan Gray: As a fellow tech i can say fuses dont just blow. For a proper repair i will use the example of what ford would pay a tech. He would scan for any Continuous memory and on demand trouble codes. He has to perform a wiggle test to ensure that there isnt a short that doesnt make itself present by just putting in a fuse. Scanning for codes about .2 hours pinpoint test .3 hours at $100 a hour thats $50 plus shop fees and parts would make a fuse $60. Sounds cheap when you say its a close to $5 fix but like i said fuses dont (NORMALLY) blow without something being out of perameters such as a short in wiring or internall to wiper motor or in the steering column when it is moved. All of that comes into play. Yes 9/10 mechanics would just change the fuse. But that info is supplied to customers free of charge in their owners manual. Most of the time someone has already changed the fuse. It is best to know your car. Most if not all shops will work on the price of repair.

Barrett: So the expert mechanic's advice on how not to get ripped off... "Well you outta know." Sounds about right.

Bojan Kis: What a dirt bag.

G D: It's the same all over the world, EVERY garage rip you of if you know nothing about cars, try to contact someone who knows about it BEFORE you go to the garage.

harout najarian: man just be honest do ur job right and u will make money! y rip people off and risk ur career? im a mechanic myself and i see this crap alot and it makes us all mechanics look bad! assholes

Beautifulbajan86: Thatโ€™s why I donโ€™t go to a mechanic on my own. Gonna go with a man who looks intimidating! They always play us
News reporter catches auto repair shops! 5 out of 5

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News reporter catches auto repair shops!