News Reporter Catches Auto Repair Shops!

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tree frog: when caught in a lie...lie some more. A view to ones character.

Emilio Vicente: I took my 97 Ford Ranger to a mechanic once to get just a check up to see if the truck needed any work done. The mechanic comes out and says that I need about $2,000 to $5000 worth of work. He said my spark plugs were bad, my ball joints were about to snap and that I needed my fluids flushed and that I needed new brakes. Everything he told me was a big fat LIE.

After that appointment, I scheduled another appointment with a different mechanic that was family owned rather than a corporate company. The family mechanic looked at what the first mechanic said needed done and then told me "those guys were trying to rip you off. Your spark plugs are fine, your fluids are all perfect, your ball joints are in great shape and your brakes have a lot of life left in them."

I was so shocked to find out that in fact my truck was absolutely fine and that I should avoid the big corporate auto places. The family mechanic didn't even charge me to check out my truck. My advice. GO TO FAMILY RUN AUTO SHOPS!

Jesse Caballero: This is why I never take my car in to any mechanic. They are all freaking scumbags. YouTube teaches you everything when it comes to servicing your own car. I only take my car into tire shops for new tires and balancing as well as alignment adjustments. I take care of all fluid changes and flushes, spark plug replacements, full brake jobs, belts and hose inspections and replacements, and I ever once took an automotive course. It’s called researching everything you need to know about your vehicle. I don’t trust anyone with something that I have put my hard work into. Stop giving these pieces of crap your money and educate yourself.

Marcus Lee: I don't know what to say, I been to the lady's auto shop because my father had a fuel tank light(?) on his dashboard. She told us we need to replace the fuel tank which cost hundreds of dollars, so I went to other auto shop and just changed the malfunctioning censor and saved hundreds of dollars. And his car is working 2 years strong so far. I guess all mechanics are liars and consumers have to watch out for themselves.

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South Main Auto Repair: Lot's of great YT Mechanic channels that can help educate you on the repairs needed to your vehicle prior to going to the shop. Of course shows like these never show you the honest shops that do not rip people off...

AnatoleH1: I really really really hope that we're done with these scammers and thieves soon enough and that robots replace them.

SugarD -x: A fuse costs them $4? That sounds like a ripoff in itself! I can buy a box of them for less than that!

Enrique Weiss: Unless you educate yourself, you living in a world of rip-offs. Car, house, jewelry, food, etc.  Everywhere you go you will get ripped off. That is the world, not only in America, but everywhere. The illusion of honesty has been lost forever.

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News reporter catches auto repair shops! 5 out of 5

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News reporter catches auto repair shops!