News Reporter Catches Auto Repair Shops!

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Marty Marsh: You think your expert is so honest, ask how much she charges for a 100 dollar alternator. The auto industry is nothing but a pack of thieves from the manufacturer right to the end in the junk yard.

Lewis Santos: its the sign of the times,everyones out to get as much money as they can, this economy has made everyone hungry for money, dont trust your own shadow its sad but its true.

Lee Hobbs: love my local garage. had a split suspensions sleeve. it should be good for another 8 months or so but they showed me the black and white MOT paperwork showing even a split sleeve is a fail. found one that fit and charged me £12, then passed it at a em to bits.

jasen ratnam: And why do people leave they car at the mechanics

John Figgy: I might not be a mechanic, but i make it a point to know my vehicle pretty well, now ill admit I have a service plan for it so when it comes to oil changes I typically don't do them, but when they tell me they need to clean the throttle body, and reset a computer, and they give me 2 different names for the computer, and i suggest cleaning the throttle body myself, they haven't bothered me about unessicary work since

ibid_2win: the dealership AKA STEALERSHIP tried charging me $85 for a cabin air filter

Fifi Fornow: Girl mechanics are hot. Unless they're butch lesbians

T Mukal: What happened to Gerry's experiences?  Often the men get scammed, too.

Panda Potatoes: 88 Triggered feminist disliked this video "The women were charged more"

C D: crooks

Beef Master: Check out Gold Point Motors and ask for John,he's very honest ( freaking scum bag)

Yah You !: that's why we have some pretty decent YouTube channels to help you fix ur car

Ricky Suave: that guy should be reported !!!!!

Miguel Piczon: where is micky? he got fired ? what's his full name lol

Don King: ture a lot of women get ripped off by them doggy mechanics give all the real decent men mechanic a bad name i work on motors and one thing i hate are the rip off so called mecanice

beshj: Because of videos like this when someone comes in and we need to refurbish the gearbox the customer will get in your face saying they didn't want it. Some mug got annoyed the other day because we bought a new valve block for her auto and put it on, when the car didn't even run with the old one. We called her on 5 occasions and got no answer and she didn't leave an email so we just did the work and got the car off the freaking ramp and we get hassle from people thinking every mechanic shop is a scam house. Learn about the 2 tonne hunk of metal you drive around on your phone every day causing nuisance and maybe you will understand when you have to pay up to fix it. freaking morons.

Edit: if what the comments say is true then this is a problem in america. But not over here in england. get freaked nerds

2p02: "just a 'few' bad apples" lol bullcrap. Majority of these auto repair shops are freakin crooked. Especially dealers because they don't make money from the vehicles they sell but from the repair services. The government is aware of these crooked freaks but being corrupt itself, they need these types of businesses to keep the economy going. Nearly are companies in the US are freaking us Americans over by making the crappiest products with short lifetime and taking advantage in every possible way. It's a shame how corrupt/greedy all these businesses have become screwing their own people over. Just because its label says 'Made in USA' doesn't mean we should be proud. There was a time when this country did make higher quality products that were to be proud of. For example, think of people who still have refrigerators from the 1950's that still work as if they are new! Nowadays, companies make lower quality products that last a short time. Majority of big companies don't even pay taxes and ones that are not "profitable" are not expected to pay. Yet, us individual Americans pay so much in taxes and if we were not able to pay taxes we'd freakin lose our property. And what are our taxes used for?? ...they are sent to other countries such as Israel which was given $38 billion in military aid. When instead that money could have been used to improve our country! It's a shame that majority of the people in this country have become too afraid to speak up. And if you want a change in this country, we should focus on issues like these not on protesting against a President because of his personal views.

stephen gentry: We got a place near here that never does this. They fix what's wrong. They never ask to do anything else. Hell they cleaned something out and put it back in since it still worked and wasn't broken, instead of telling me I need this that n the other.

Derek Macdonald: new yorkers are scammers, well nyc and that area yea

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News reporter catches auto repair shops! 5 out of 5

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News reporter catches auto repair shops!