Movie Review: Percy Jackson And The Olympians, The Lightning Thief (spoiler Free)

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Alexandra Hisen: Watching in 2015!

heath graham: This movie was great

alvaro alas: i already saw the movie and yes i know about hydra and medusa but this isn't a spoiler free review

1Bramble123: Yeah. The Sea of Monsters is the sequel. The Lightning Thief came out in 2010 or so.

Debbs: Ouhoh never mind the sequel is coming out I guess?...

Debbs: What the freak? This movie came out in 2010??? WHAT THE freak? I thought it came out like a month ago!

Jennifer Yun: *Annabeth

Jennifer Yun: I was watching the movie and wanted to throw my laptop to the ground. They made so many mistakes to the point of frustration. In the first book Percy is 13 not 17 and he cannot drive! Percy's father did not speak wit him at all and Annabelle don't develop a romantic relationship in the first one just like close friends. So many mistakes! I hope the second movie will be much better but I don't have high hopes for it since try left so much out in the first one

Teemo197: Why did the directors decide the movie needed a completly different plot to the book, ot's not hades that wants the bolt it is ares, the perls are given to them as a small extra in the book

thetruephoenixful: And also, they never fought the hydra in the first book...EVER

thetruephoenixful: Percy Jackson was terrible to anyone who read the books, they missed so much, and I am not seeing the second one

Caleb Johnson: How the hell did Percy not notice a F*CKING LIGHTNING BOLT in his shield, when he was carrying it around the whole movie?!?!

Stoner_Plays: But once I saw that trailer for sea of monsters.....I waaaaasss sooooo hooked.

Bryant Langmuir: And most importantly...... NO KRONOS! HOW DO YOU LEAVE OUT THE MAIN VILLAIN?!

Kuonluw: Watching this movie, I couldn't help but think "hey, this got potential, it has a good plot but a movie isn't enough for it, it looks rushed, it doesn't have any budget and the quests feel like Virtual Hydlid (1st pearl in a "difficul quest", 2nd pearl by beating a boss, 3rd pearl given)" Overall, I didn't think it was horrible, nor good, I just thought it had potential but didn't live up to it. Now that I read the other comment, I'm sure the book must be awesome.

HIPEOPLE1887: You need to read the books. They have a lot more to them then the movie. I totally agree that this feels like a typical teen movie with the overly fast pace and forced relationships. The book always depicted that the characters were bitter to an extent( and right fully so), because they feel abandoned and their life in general sucks. The movie has NONE of this.

Ninjacookie75: I saw it in theaters and I was ticked, I was really looking forward to what they could have done, but they butchered it every which way they could. It's not even worth the rent.

Domey Elliott: I watched the movie before I read the books. When I watched the movie again I was yelling everything out on the screen

Dylan McCaffery: read each book 20 times... watched half the movie and walked out... PISSED

Julian Sta Cruz: They're is one fatal racist flaw, Grover is black
Movie Review: Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Lightning Thief (spoiler free) 5 out of 5

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Movie Review: Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Lightning Thief (spoiler free)