M&P40 Vs SD40

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Matthew Caughey: Thanks for doing a side by side it's shocking how similar they are and it looks like the SD is pretty much the same I was tossing around buying an M&P but if I want save a few bucks for ammo I guess I know where the better deal is now they have the value edition VE version out now and it can be had well under 400 bucks for 16 rounds of 40 S&W that's a good deal 

GERALD MURRAY: Are the magazines interchangeable? 

MIKE W: Nice video.
I like how you always safety check your guns. 
Nice video quality too.
Do some more.........you do a great job!

fernandizo: Great gun review. That's the way its done folks. Different angles, take it apart point out the details and all relevant facts on performance feel and specs. I have an sd40 so nothing new but there are so many shotty reviews out there its aggrevating. Thanks

Ragin Bad: I dont really like double action trigger, but in a time of need any style will do. 

Andrew Martinez: Are the barrels interchangeable? I know they make 357 sig barrels for the m&p so if they are interchangeable I would think I could drop a 357 m&p barrel in the SD.

Josh Price: OCD Much?

Liberty Through Arms: I have 2 Smith firearms. An SD9VE with the stainless slide and an M&P15T. I am a relatively new gun owner and really need to get practice with both of them before I can make a judgement on their performance. No problems so far. 

Gary Wright jr: Will the M&P 40 cal magazine fit in the SD 40 cal?

Ro Gal: Very nice review, could not have been better unless you videoed shooting both guns and did some target comparisons.  As a former owner of a Sigma 40F and 40VE, I can tell you (as many others can too) that the SD40 is immensely better than my two former guns.  Hopefully they've found a home in the holster of a security or armored car guard.  Will be getting the M&P40 soon because a man can't have too many guns.  OBTW for the non S&W owners note that I also own a M&P15 because S&W makes excellent firearms and has fantastic customer service.

akman45304: Just unfortunate that the M&P has the worst trigger ever

tylerlj1016: Quick question.. Anyone know if the m&p barrels will fit the sd series? I have the sd40ve but I want the m&p pro 5inch barrel if it fits

Joe Green: I have replaced the polymer sights on my SD9VE & SD40VE with steel M&P sights. I also did a couple other mods for looks and preference... I drilled port holes in the front of the frames just below the slides, polished the barrels and slides to high shine, and replaced the polymer guide rods with polished stainless steel custom spiked guide rods. I must say that it has made them look extremely cool and they still perform just as awesome as always. Thanks again for the review.

Joe Green: Assuming you prefer the M&P over the SD since you no longer have the SD, is this correct? I have the SD9VE & the SD40VE both and have been happy with them. I have put well just 4,000 rounds thru them both now and have had no issues other than some old bad ammo I received from a friend. It had sat for a long time in a shed and the primers were duds on a few, but that's not the pistols fault. Think I'll get the M&P models now.

tubular031: This video is the sd40. When I got this gun there was no sd40VE. as I understand it, the VE is the next generation. The question to ask yourself is what trigger do you like better? single action or double action. answer that and then you will know what gun you should get. If I could only have 1, it would probably be the M&P. oh wait, which one is still in my safe at home.... the M&P :) If you shop, M&Ps can be had for 400-450 often.

Christian NOTW: im in debate whether to get one of the two. mainly for home defense but also fun on the range as well as having it concealed too...the SD40VE New Sigma Series is sold at Academy for around 300...is that the same one you are reviewing in this video?

Robby Wickham: Love my sd40 .I compared it to the m&p at my gun shop. It just feels right .I personally love the trigger pull.keeps me right in line for the next round. Great review

afr0shooterguy40: oh & trigger pull. glocks trigger beats m&p & sd imo. they just went cheap on sights.

afr0shooterguy40: the one & only reason m&p is better than the sd or glock is that the m&p has more steel parts where they need to be. the sights & rails are beefier than glocks. im still not gettin.rid of my 27 or sd9 anytime soon. just saying. maybe longer lifespan on m&p?

tubular031: I do not know. I don't have the SD anymore so I can not check for you. Sorry.
M&P40 vs SD40 5 out of 5

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