How To Check For Injector Pulse P0206

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How to Check For Injector Pulse P0206
How to Check For Injector Pulse P0206
How to check injector pulse
How to check injector pulse
Fuel Injector Pulser
Fuel Injector Pulser
Using a Multimeter to Test Fuel Injector Using Resistance (Ohms)
Using a Multimeter to Test Fuel Injector Using Resistance (Ohms)
Injector Circuit & Wiring Diagram
Injector Circuit & Wiring Diagram
Stuck Open Fuel Injector
Stuck Open Fuel Injector
Air Coupler Magic Trick!
Air Coupler Magic Trick!
P0306 and P0316 Misfire Code Repair
P0306 and P0316 Misfire Code Repair

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Richard Cowtails: which noid does a gas 5.9l dodge ram use?

Richard Cowtails: i use a timing light lol

Quack Damit: i dont use noid lights anymore as i just bought a wecprobe 

briansmobile1: Will do! I really appreciate your support. Thank you!

brad ornat: To have that same flash light it's amazing

jonw white: hi brian, im still hitting refresh every 5 second waiting for the next vid, can we have a vid on a tour of your workshop your tools thanks

jonw white: your a great natural presenter and got a really great voice, but we need more vids please

briansmobile1: I'd do a compression check on the engine and see if that's it. I like the way you're thinking by swapping injectors though.

Devin Howard: I watch most of your videos just to see what facial hair style you are sporting that particular day.. lol

Richard Cowtails: hey brain i have a 99 ram 1500. everynow and a again. i get a cyclinder 1 misfire generic. ive replaced everything but the coil. swapped injectors and no new code to where i swapped injector to. you think coil? and when you get generic misfire would you say ignotion problem?

chris bud: Man, I just started watching your videos and I love them.,Are you a Auto Mechanic??

Curt Simshauser: Who don't like noid

PWRSTR0KER2008: Didn't even fuss, Brian you're hilarious man! Thanks for the great vids

Richard Cowtails: i did a compression test, that was my first move. replaced iac tps. pcv is functioning. i have spark good gas pressure. the misfire is extremely determinant. I did not notice that my bearings in my water pump are going out lately. maybe give a crappy idle? little bit of grinding sound from that. gotta do that, i fugured replace the coil at the same time. the scanner said misure cylinder "generic" so it's gotta be one of the common ignition componants right??? lol hell, this darn thing...... ha

ManicMechanic007: Humma jumma, now you've got me saying that all the time - too funny !

malkionx: What happen to spunky?

jake legg: I really enjoy my stethoscope. Especially when I bang the end on something while working with it. Really wakes you up and gets the blood flowing.

briansmobile1: You're welcome- and thanks for your kind words Allan.

briansmobile1: She's had her baby and is visiting family out of state.

xaaps2010: Avoid the noid!!!

DALE97DSM: chrysler "Puscifer". Good band to checkout can't say for the car. lol

tpcoachfix: Excellent advice.

jonw white: hi brian where is spunky brian i miss her

Usernameinvalid16: Another good way is if you do not have a (Noid Light) use an Old little 12 Light bulb

berry black: Brian...I have a buick 3800, that is driving me nuts...misfire only when hot and high humidity. Have replaced plugs and wires..coils check 100 ohms low..? after watching your video, thinking it could be a electrical break down of injector wire when those conditions are correct...Berry, sneaking up on the little bugger TKS

Walter B: Great info. Thanks. Keep the good work.

عبدالله العصفور: Think you so much I really enjoy your clip and it's very helpful. I hop you the best

0419gottaminuteable: Cracked porcelain won't throw a p02xx code will it? In my experience, injector codes are almost always bad injector or bad harness, less often a nad computer

briansmobile1: I'm not an English teacher. ; )

ncrdisabled Submarine vet: As always you help lots of folks out. Keep up the fantastic work up !!!

Jason Shornak: Good advice, intake gasket leaks can also cause it as well

Jim B: hey brain my mom has a 1997 ford exploer 4.0 sohc when its running it has a skip.......and the frist obd2 code was p0172 and then it thur two miss fire codes for cycl 3 and 6 and found nothing there and there was a code saying 268f open loop ? then iwas thinking mybe coolant i dont think its the case as of late i posted a vido of it but its not up yet ...i was thinking mybe pcm reflash ? let me know its got 120k thanks

matias constancio: you can use LEDs are more acurate an more brigther plus universal... check my video watch?v=AGnYc0y1GZo

Allan Anderson: Enlightening videos from an inspiring guy. Thanks Brian!

spelunkerd: Donyboy73 did a video set of this a few months back, check his channel.

Vern in IL: Hey Brian, sometime maybe you can show us your Air Compressor setup? I am in the process of hard plumbing in some air lines in my garage, and would like to know what compressor/airline/ etc. you have and any things you don't like about it.

briansmobile1: Technically you don't have to, but it's good if you can. They are required to perform the same and they usually do.

briansmobile1: Cracked porcelain almost always causes a P030(1-12)

moparmania74: when you change an injector, do you have to use the same exact brand that is in all the rest of the cylinders?

macar6913: A way I frequently test the injectors is with an ohms test. Most injectors should be in the mid teens so if it's reading OL or hundreds, thousands, or millions of ohms, it's bad. Thought I'd share for everyone here.
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How to Check For Injector Pulse P0206