Sharpening With The Spyderco Sharpmaker Without Blunting The Knife

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Bryan Stone: Hi I realize this is an old video but I'm hoping you or someone else is still able to clarify something.  When you have the rods in the grooves in the base, are you running the knife in between the two rods or on top of one of the rods?  I can't tell from the video even at high magnification.  Thanks

Tradja: Great to hear, glad it helped!

thegaunlet: Thank you very much Tradja! I think it's a beginner's mistake to allow the blade tip to roll off the stones because we're focusing on keeping pressure and the angle right. But it's important as you say not to allow the tip to roll off the stone because it blunts it. Just made the beginner's mistake but thanks to you I resharpened the tip by using the course stones and back of the spine of my Dragonfly 2 Salt PE. Love Spyderco :D Thanks Tradja :D

Tradja: Thanks for the interest, but I'm wrapped up in a new job these days that involves a lot of travel. I don't really have a lot of my knives, sharpening stuff, or PC with me anymore. Frankly, I don't have much to add to this anyway. Please feel free to do a video reply to keep the conversation and knowledge sharing going!

Tradja: Restoring a point is very difficult do by regrinding the edge, then redoing the bevels. Try it on a beater knife sometime. It is much more efficient to drop the spine. A pronounced swedge would be harder to do, but it's not really that noticeable. Better to have the point restored.

Cam Evans: would it not be better to do that on the cutting edge then reprofile it? if the blade has a swedge on the dull edge that would ruin the shape

Tradja: @GraysonKeever The groove can be used to sharpen awls, darts, dental-style picks, fishhooks, etc. I rarely use the grooves, but sometimes they're just the ticket. If it was an option, I'd probably buy rods without the grooves.

Grayson Keever: On the triangle rode there are three sides. duh. But you use the point on the triangle and the flat side. What is the side with the line down the middle?

ve2zzz: @MrBobsagget420 The secret of the Sharpmaker is to maintain the blade perpendicular to the Sharpmaker's base at all times, period.

Tradja: @MrBobsagget420 The spine is perpendicular. Tilting the blade off-axis when re-shaping the tip would create a weird asymmetrical swedge.

Bob Sagget: When you are remaking the tip, is the blade tilted at at angle or perpendicular?

Tradja: @PCRedman: when using the edges of the triangular rods, slow down as you get to the tip of the blade and don't roll the tip off the edge. I mostly just use the flats anyway.

Spydercolector: how do you help that with the edges?

Skinflint: My brother bought one of these for sharpening his (entirly to vast) array of production knives, he has kershaw spyderco wolfrt( never heard of it untill he pulled a slide scallop switch blade made by them out of his pocket. (meaning one of the handle scallops rotates down as a switch) alot of torronto knife co. Knives and this thing zips them sharp. I cut an rf-id tag off of a flashlight i just got and it dulled my kershaw, took ten seconds and its razor again. Though im not toughing it with my

Tradja: @Darkstar2520 Yes. In fact, the Sharpmaker is one of the best things to sharpen a deep recurve on, using the corners of the rods. I've sharpened my old ZT301 on it.

Matt: Can my Zero tolerance 0200 work on this sharpener its got a fatty re-curve blade on it

Tradja: @Supermassively I'm taking some steel off the spine of the knife. THe angle is less important than the steel removed -- lay the spine of the knife flat on the stone, then lift the handle an inch or so. The knife is in contact with the flat of the stone, not the groove on each stone or the groove between the stone. Any benchstone would work just as well.

Tradja: @gatesofpearl Yeah, I bet it would be. You could always carefully stop each stroke just short of rolling the tip off the rod, and then finish the tip freehand on a small stone. Kinda defeats the purpose, though.

Tradja: @leowulffan This repointing technique is suitable for any knife, awl, or blade. As far as the Spyderco Sharpmaker itself, I have sharpened kitchen knives (to include the Henkels 4 Star in this vid).

Tradja: @marcclarke01 Awesome, glad it helped! I made this vid to explain the technique to my MIL, and originally only used YT so she could view it easily. I'm really stoked that so many people have checked it out.
Sharpening with the Spyderco Sharpmaker without Blunting the Knife 5 out of 5

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Sharpening with the Spyderco Sharpmaker without Blunting the Knife