Spyderco Sharpmaker Techniques

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Tradja: @NewDaysofNoah Sorry for the delay. I was on the PCT all summer. Which vids are you referring to?

Bob Sagget: When you are remaking the tip, is the blade tilted at at angle or perpendicular?

Tradja: @Darkstar2520 Yes. In fact, the Sharpmaker is one of the best things to sharpen a deep recurve on, using the corners of the rods. I've sharpened my old ZT301 on it.

13u12sT: lol

Tradja: Thanks for the interest, but I'm wrapped up in a new job these days that involves a lot of travel. I don't really have a lot of my knives, sharpening stuff, or PC with me anymore. Frankly, I don't have much to add to this anyway. Please feel free to do a video reply to keep the conversation and knowledge sharing going!

brentfoto: Newbie here. The EDC I like the best is the Spyderco Endura Wave 4 due to Wave feature. VG-10 SS. SOG Flash II has AUS 8 SS. Byrd 'Cara Cara' has 8Cr13MoV. The Wave has been used, the others are new, unused. Flash II and Cara Cara passed my paper cutting test easily. Wave wasn't so good. Sharpmaker set @30 degrees, many times Step 4. I believe Endura Wave out of box would have passed easily too. Help? Owner of Spyderco says Sharpmaker can make better than factory new.

Tradja: Send it to Spyderco so that they can fix the grind, or just send it to Tom Krein to get a sick grind that will totally rehabilitate the Endura for you. Once the grind is right, I'm sure you can maintain it just fine. Otherwise, no matter how good you are it's like trying to sharpen a lamppost.

brentfoto: WADR, I had watched the DVD plenty - read the instructions numerous times also. This is MOST frustrating for me because I usually get a 'handle' on such things quickly. I even joined and made a small donation to become a member of bladeforums. I've watched numerous videos on youtube and I just can't understand why I can't sharpen to pass paper test, never mind 'whittle a human hair'. I love the knife for EDC. I've been considering sending it back to Spyderco.

Spydercolector: how do you help that with the edges?

Tradja: Great, thanks! Glad it helped. The DVD that comes with the Sharpmaker is generally excellent, but doesn't cover this.

guitarplayr51287: I find the corners of the stones on the sharpmaker work well with the recurve of the 710.

brentfoto: That has not been my experience with settings at 40 or 30 degrees. At 30 degrees, supposed to be even sharper. My Endura Wave 4 is DULL and I can't make it any better with the Sharpmaker. I don't even trust it to cut tomatoes, boxes, string. Yeecchh, I feel that I wasted my money. I must be doing something wrong.

Lamepro1: is it just me or is your spyderco a blueish grey?

snakeshite71: I've just bought a spyderco kris....amazing blade, and very sharp...going to be a pian in the butt to sharpen though...any ideas any one?

GravemindLFX: well hes not gona dull his $100 spyderco knife just to show us how to re-point the tip, hes using that cheap ass kitchen knife to do that

Tradja: @PCRedman: when using the edges of the triangular rods, slow down as you get to the tip of the blade and don't roll the tip off the edge. I mostly just use the flats anyway.

Tradja: @Supermassively I'm taking some steel off the spine of the knife. THe angle is less important than the steel removed -- lay the spine of the knife flat on the stone, then lift the handle an inch or so. The knife is in contact with the flat of the stone, not the groove on each stone or the groove between the stone. Any benchstone would work just as well.

mrnoobzor: Cool video :) could you do a video showing how to do serrations plz ? :)

jeffa1961: very helpful thank you. I am curious if you will do an update after years of experimenting?

EnduringEagle: @leukotic Check the profile of the blade. Usually has to do with the shoulder of the grind meeting the edge so you are not making good contact with the edge. A great technique is to take a magic marker and color the edge. If you are making good contact then the magic marker will come off. If not then you will know what is wrong.

Tradja: The optional diamond rods are the best for getting nicks out, but they are SPENDO.

David Appleton: Exellent tips and tutorial! The sharpmaker is a brilliant tool and I use it on all my knives from tke Ka-Bar kukri I use for splitting wood and garden tasks to the Spyderco UKPK that I carry for EDC. Keeps them all razor sharp.

Tradja: The Sharpmaker DVD covers serrations -- yes, it is pretty much the same way, except you only use the corners of the rods, not the flats. Honestly, I've had OK results with this, but I prefer to sharpen serrations using a diamond rod, like a fishhook sharpener.

brentfoto: Unintelligible. Sorry.

thegaunlet: Thank you very much Tradja! I think it's a beginner's mistake to allow the blade tip to roll off the stones because we're focusing on keeping pressure and the angle right. But it's important as you say not to allow the tip to roll off the stone because it blunts it. Just made the beginner's mistake but thanks to you I resharpened the tip by using the course stones and back of the spine of my Dragonfly 2 Salt PE. Love Spyderco :D Thanks Tradja :D

Tradja: @MrBobsagget420 The spine is perpendicular. Tilting the blade off-axis when re-shaping the tip would create a weird asymmetrical swedge.

Tradja: Great to hear, glad it helped!

Tradja: @GraysonKeever The groove can be used to sharpen awls, darts, dental-style picks, fishhooks, etc. I rarely use the grooves, but sometimes they're just the ticket. If it was an option, I'd probably buy rods without the grooves.

Tradja: $40 for the Sharpmaker.

Shaggy8675: Verry nice info video. Cool. Going to order the sharpmaker soon for my Spyderco's Keep it up \0/

JSM10069: I like the sounds of the blade sliding against the sharpening rod ...

ve2zzz: @MrBobsagget420 The secret of the Sharpmaker is to maintain the blade perpendicular to the Sharpmaker's base at all times, period.

rager: Iv always heard to use the 40 degree for edc and most knives, cuz they say it thins out the blade and yes it will make it an amazing edge

Marc Clarke: I had not thought of this. I tried the technique in the video and it works. Thank you!

Tradja: Yes, it is. I swapped on the handle scales from the ZDP-189 Delica, although mine is a plian VG-10 Delica.

Farther Still: That work's! thanks!

rager: Ya it doesnt cover a few things, like what to do to get nicks out or to touch up the blade. I know for most knife people its common sence but im a noob haha and i needed all of that so i had to ask around

NewDaysofNoah: @Tradja Would you mind sending me those videos that are better? Thanks much.

willisp2: Try a pink eraser to clean your sticks. Works like a charm.

brentfoto: Okay, I intend to send it off today to Spyderco. I don't know who Krein is but I don't want to spend any money other than postage. Thank you.

jeffa1961: Well I just want you to know that years later it is appreciated. I understand about the job, I am a 52 year old with a job that keeps me crazy busy and my wife says knives and guns are the only thing that keep me from going crazy. It must be amazing for you to this many years later still getting feedback. Thank you again and if you decide to get back in it, I am sure you will have some people still interested.

dtester: good vid. another "tip" is to not put too much strength into the down push against the stone...that causes the slingshot effect. I also do a quick pull at the last second toward me when knife would leave the stone...this actually has been keeping my tips nice and sharp For other commentors having trouble with the harder steels, the diamond stones work really well for me. before them, 440C was a real bitch.

Jager1988: how long does it usually take you to sharpen lets say a delica? how many swipes? how much pressure do you put on the blade?

mongomondomongo: Get "Mr. Clean Magic Eraser". It's like $4 for a pack of 4 of them. It's like a small sponge and they just soak up the mess on the rods.

Tradja: Thanks rksoon! PM back at ya here, or PM me at BF.

Deathless2288: what do you use to clean the stones? thanks.

Tradja: Geez, I think sharpening a hawkbill would be tricky. I think if you dropped your wrist as you made the pass it would work. I bet if you posted the question on the Spyderco forums you'd get a good answer.

Tradja: It's definitely not for everyone. For example, it is not great for reprofiling obtuse grinds, which is what it sounds like both your knives suffer from. The DVD could go a lot further in explaining this, with diagrams for example.

Tradja: It depends on how dull it has gotten. I touch up my Delica every week or so, with about 5-6 swipes on the white rods. The pressure is light-moderate, a bit more than, say, what I use when shaving in the morning. If a knife is dull or needs time on the brown rods, I will be at it for 20 minutes (I do not have the diamond rods). The DVD specifies 20 swipee on brown corners, then brown flats, then white corners, and then white flats -- about 5 mins. work.

Brian Yip: That is a great video! I was wondering why my tips were getting blunted on the sharpamker! Good job!
Spyderco Sharpmaker Techniques 4.8 out of 5

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Spyderco Sharpmaker Techniques