3rd Gen Toyota 4runner Project: Bumper Removal And Replace

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3rd Gen Toyota 4runner Project: Bumper Removal and Replace
3rd Gen Toyota 4runner Project: Bumper Removal and Replace

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Frank Stall: Don't use power tools on screws. Should have straightened the bumper and painted it black instead of buying new.

jcluns: I simply need to know how to replace the bumper. The music is so obnoxious why do people always put music on and blast you out On these help build videos. You know how hard it is to turn up the volume to hear the guy and then turn it down because Being blasted out by music

M A: I just replaced my rear bumper on a 1996 4 runner LTD and thought I'd share what I learned.  I approached it a little differently.  I jacked the truck up and put it on jack stands. I removed the mud flap flare extensions, spare and both back wheels so I could get at the end cap bolts in the wheel well.  It also gave me much easier access to the various bolts underneath. I think everything can be done with a 10 mm, 12 mm and 13 mm socket.

The plastic step plate can easily be removed by first pulling the ends upward to pull a plastic pin out of its indexing hole in the bumper (be sure to keep this small white last insert from the bumper to use in the new one).  Use curved needle nose pliers and a small very bar to gently pry up while squeezing the plastic clips together to free the step plate from the bumper holes they are pressed into.  By gently preying, you can get enough clearance to get the curved needle nose on either side of the clip, squeeze while preying and it should pop out.  I think there are about 6 of these fastening points.  Be careful not to break the 2 clips that attach the step plate to the edge of the bumper by body ( I broke one, but it was still ok to use). Prey upward and then pull the edge away from the body or you might break them.

Almost every bolt I touched broke, but it was ok because the bolt caps came off and it didn't matter that the bolts were rusted into the old bumper. I had a little trouble with the end cap brackets which attach to the body under the end pieces.  However, once the two corner bolts holding end caps to the main bumper are undone ( or broker), you can gently push the end caps out far enough to get a 10mm socket on the two bolts hold the bracket to the body.  Then the whole bumper end and bracket comes off together (with all the inner fender mounting bolts removed).  To get the bracket off the old end caps, I had to use a cutting wheel to cut the bolt heads off, then I put the stub of the bolt in a vice and undid the broken bolt out of the bottom of the bracket mount- that worked far more easily than trying to re-drill and tap the brackets.  I wire wheeled the old brackets, painted them up and the were reusable (but you can buy new ones if you need to).  

The 4 inner bolts holding the bumper brackets to the bumper broke, but again it was no problem because the bolt caps were removed and it didn't matter that the rest of the bolt was rusted into the old bumper.  The top 5 or 6 bumper bolts and end bracket bolts luckily came out easily. Then the bumper came off no problem.  I wire wheeled and painted the main brackets as well and measured everything (because the bumper had been hit) and all was good.  Otherwise I might have had to try and straighten or replace a bracket.  I put a trailer hitch on it 8 years ago.  Fortunately, I did not have to take it off to do this job.  I tried two bolts and there was no way they were coming off without breaking them.

I'm in Canada and was frustrated by the huge expense of buying from the States, but I found them in Canada at "Parts Hub".  $129 for the mid piece and $90 for each end cap (if yo have fender flares like on the LTD, the end caps are slightly different) on sale over Christmas.  I have no idea what the chrome is like, but I'm sure it will be better than the chrome I took off.  I coated the inside of the new bumper pieces with undercoat to try and prolong the next rust through before assembling them.  Hope that helps someone.  I'm sure anyone driving their 4runner in the winter salt will have a similar issue with seized bolts, but if you don't have that salt on the roads, your job could be easier than mine was.  I had it all apart in a few hours, and had the new bumper on in about 2 hours.  I just went to Home Depot and bought all new metric bolts/washers to replace the cap bolts I destroyed.  Good luck!

Nathan Litster: Hey which bumpers did you end up buying?

L.O.K.I.E: wheres the reinforcement bar for the front bumper do you need it to replace the front bumper??

THaysFour: https://youtu.be/17JVESpxxcw?t=626 LOL!

Adrian Zamora-Chavez: Hey is this the 1999 4runner

Ho Lee Phuk: Great vid! What was the total time on the rear?

DWK55: this was really helpful thank you for making this video, your personality really comes through and you seem like a great guy! keep it up XD

Pastor Lugo: Great video. Thanks.

Niran T: Solid! I'm thinking of picking up this gen 4runner. Do you recommend it? I'm going to be doing some overlanding/camping with it.

Alibek Alimbayev: Thats god that u found a growing grass! My friend didn`t so there are were accident of fire)

Nicolas Sander: it "was just as easy putting bumper back on as it was taking it off"...what do you mean?  how do I align the two bolts that point down that have the bushings on them?  it seems easy to align the 4 bolts on the front of bumper but those two that point down are a huge pain.

CAN Control: Grass is pretty freaky


carlos aguirre: nice videos. Are the rear axle seals you replaced leaking again?

musicoloco menez: Oye como se llama esa repuesteria de 4runner

Matt Booker: Where did you order the "package deals that include all the components together as a kit"? I need to do exactly what you did to my 1997 SR5. It needs both the front and the back too. Is there a website/seller you recommend? Thanks for any assistance and the video.

Osman Parvez: Aww, how could you throw out that grass!
3rd Gen Toyota 4runner Project: Bumper Removal and Replace 5 out of 5

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3rd Gen Toyota 4runner Project: Bumper Removal and Replace