1911: Rock Island Compact Tactical 9mm At The Range

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Leiz Maram: Any issues with your gun? What magazines would you recommend me for this gun?
My gun has been jamming, it had some FTF, FTE, double feeds. Do you have any idea why is this happening? The feed ramps looks very polished to me. 

Edwin Michael Castillo Quiboloy II: Crazy headshots! Nice shooting :)

Dale Walters: the recoil is low but good figgin luck finding the mags, ive looked into this one before buying, theirs another one that's 8 round same size.

Uniform Tango 74: Really interested in getting one. How's the recoil?

D0nQuix0te: gees remind me never to piss you off. good shooting. 

angel blade: headshots!

Buzz Clark: I purchased the compact 1911 .45acp RIA & I feel I made a mistake as I feel it would fit me all around better if it was the full size. All this was after I put new controls on it & also put in a Cylinder & Slide Trigger Group which sure smoothed out & lowered the trigger poundage to like 4.5 lbs. Sure wish I would have a full size & would be open to a trade of some sort. Thanks. Sincerely, JAMES.

doctruptwn: Most all 1911's will use the same parts. Beware of "star" brand they may look like 1911's but they are not. Otherwise most all other 1911's are the same pattern and can use the same parts. 1911's do however require that the parts are fit to each gun. so there is some work to put forward on exchanging things like the trigger hammer or sights. The officer size uses a smaller mainspring housing and shorter mag if you want it flush. That is where the x-grip extension comes into play.

James L: I have never owned a 1911, looking at this model for 1st one, so i'm assuming that all compact 1911 mags will fit it? grips and dove tail novak sites also? or do they need to be brand specific? ie. RIA Armscor?

doctruptwn: MidwayUSA,

James L: Where did you get all the extra mags? Great shooting!

doctruptwn: 9 Rounds

joash480: i know, the worst part is that it also seems hard to find an M2011 one with the full rail.

doctruptwn: Weird because you guy's have the full size in 9mm for many years before it came over here,

joash480: kinda annoying how these guns were made in the Philippines and yet we Filipinos can't even buy them coz they ain't available in the local market.

doctruptwn: Unfortunity no. they just have it in full size and compact.

SRCDLC: Is there a 1911 compact like this in 9mm with a rail? Thanks

nightfall22: I enjoyed watching a couple of your videos about this gun... I am debating on picking it up... Its really starting to grow on me. Good work on the videos brother, thank you and keep them coming!

joash480: cool,nice groups.

doctruptwn: 10-15 yards
1911: Rock Island Compact Tactical 9mm at the Range 5 out of 5

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1911: Rock Island Compact Tactical 9mm at the Range