Shooting The Rossi Ranch Hand Mares Leg .357

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Justin Prather: I wish they'd bring these back, probably the coolest Rossi gun.

Brian Clevenger: Yee Yee

Cielo Pachirisu: I never understood the appeal of ring levers. Don't those just increase the amount of time you need to cycle it?

Gevito236: I'd rather have this in 357 anyway... ballisticsbytheinch (dot) com shows that the average 357 in a 12 inch gets 1800 fps. I'll be putting a small power scope on mine. 12 inch looks like a good length to stop at for a handgun round like 357 to get the most velocity anyway

rapskallion: I think you would benefit from a half-pint of JD in your hip pocket to steady that aim. But no spin roostering after that, OK?

Topspeed325: pickle

milwaukeegregg: Junk!! I shouldn't have wasted that many words on it!!

James Poling: Buy this gun after watching you miss most of the time with it??? I can shoot my .357 Model 28 much more accurately than you demonstrated with the Rossi and it is even handier to carry. I don't see the point of having one.

deepfriedking: true

Falco: nice~ whenever the ammo isn't all effed up and expensive

deepfriedking: 429

deepfriedking: It's just a fun gun to have around.

vin7s: Buy it you say, thats all I wanted to hear

deepfriedking: Any gun is better then no gun, gun fights are won buy shooting the most the fastest, buy a semi auto handgun, get the mares leg for fun.

STEVE P: so it can't be used for home defense?

deepfriedking: .357, .44mag, .45LC Not a home defense weapon, pick up a semi auto pistol for that with a very large magazine.

STEVE P: is there one in .45 colt and could it be used for home defense?

deepfriedking: Yeah it's just a fun gun to pull out and plink with and it cool looking

vin7s: To late, I seriously want one, looks fun as crap

deepfriedking: Sorry bout that, don't watch my other videos on the ranch hand then, because you won't go back for the wife's gun
Shooting the Rossi Ranch hand mares leg .357 5 out of 5

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Shooting the Rossi Ranch hand mares leg .357