Dark Souls 2 Glitch

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Dark souls 2 glitch
Dark souls 2 glitch
Dark souls 2 bug.  white and black texture
Dark souls 2 bug. white and black texture
Dark Souls 2 Glitch: Flashing/Flickering White Trees
Dark Souls 2 Glitch: Flashing/Flickering White Trees
Ds2 glitch
Ds2 glitch
Dark souls 2 infinite souls
Dark souls 2 infinite souls

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skootdiggity: I came here to find out how to farm Human Effigies, but I learned about a new item called Human Efficiencies. Are they the same thing?

Roisin Kennedy: if you  continue on and get the key to the mansion and do the glitch  u get  a total of 4 tiatan  stones and a pharos stone every time u die plus u can get ure flask to max lvl  

Roisin Kennedy: but if you rest at bonfire it will save and u cant do it any more 

johan vanderwal: It only work if you play it online if tryd it ofline but that won't work 

2MajorasMask2: Checkout the video I made about darksouls 2

hollowfied sage: +steven duhon lmao awww is someone a lil butt sore, me so srry me no be like u raging at ppls videos.. its funny how u talk about ppl not playing a game if they have to cheat, yet u clearly clicked my video thats TITLED DARK SOULS 2 GLITCH.. now if came here to just run ur mouth then u must really have no life hypocrite 

hollowfied sage: i think they patch this glitch already 

Steven Duhon: Firstly, your english is pure garbage. And secondly, If you have to cheat a souls game you should stop playing them. It's kids like you who ruin the souls community. 

John Buckler: It doesn't work for me idk y.

Branden Lewis: I did this by accident before the drangleic castle and it freaked up my game entirely. So. Careful cheating purposely. It does warn you about the autosave thing.

Lardslayer55: How do you do it while it auto saves after certain parts? 

Bizenteilor: cool a glitch .. but im to lazy to use it

Dakota Shamrock: i just tried it, it works on Xbox as well, just hit the xbox button and hit either y or justt click on xbox home and then leave the game, then click again and it works

MrGamester99: Will this work on the xbox 360!!!!

Jaedyn Ulibarri: I wonder if u could kill npc, get item, and then do this? O.o

hollowfied sage: Np man thanks for the view

Fernando Mendoza: Very helpful thanks.

Dark souls 2 glitch 5 out of 5

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Dark souls 2 glitch