Aura Kingdom - First Look

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MMO Grinder: Aura Kingdom review
MMO Grinder: Aura Kingdom review
Aura Kingdom - First Look
Aura Kingdom - First Look
Aura Kingdom Gameplay First Look HD -
Aura Kingdom Gameplay First Look HD -
Aura Kingdom - First Look
Aura Kingdom - First Look
▼ Aura Kingdom▼ Neuer kostenloser Anime MMORPG   Free2Play Preview
▼ Aura Kingdom▼ Neuer kostenloser Anime MMORPG Free2Play Preview

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Chikane Himemiya: now there are more classes which have been released :)
thanks for vid

Ferzzy L: this game or dragomon hunter?

DarkSolaceOfficial: Absolutely love this game!

devil cry100: mmohuts is there any way to play this at at performance 2.7 with no card driver pls tell me i wan to play this game so much and there's a dual wielding settings ans skills pls tell me k thank mmohuts and your website so good i can find any mmorpg games

Teap The Pillow Puncher: I might drop elsword for this

Rin Kagamine: I like the scenery of Helonia Coast and port skandia and also I like the fact that I can swim :3

Vladaquinn 4Ever: Wait are you able to play with Friends??

Mallory Pena: looks like it sucks

SubiiE Gaming: This game is perfect for me...... I want this game now

Unikitty: do you have to spend real money? cuz like... i dont have a job since im underage and if i do have to spend money my parents would have to pay and they wouldnt do that cuz that just means ill spend more time on my computer so anyway do you have to spend real money????

oTrilkCFW: So it is like the 3D Version of Elsword?

Worst Thresh PH: is this a pay to win game?

Synthra Official: Oh trust me after you get to like lev 40 the leveling slows down. The secret class may have been the scythe. It's a combo of healing, attack, and defensive magic along with being able to summon 3 customizable demons. It's an amazing class. Also the skrillex thing made me laugh. Thanks for that!

xmuraix77: this game was fun and look greats. I never spent any real money on cash item. But when I got to level 50. n stop playing for a really long time.. n I try to log bak in but my account was banned. tat just bullcrap. then I log in from steam. n it work but it just a new account n I had to start new character. so my old account is gone.

Ken Palma: ive been plating this game for a while, anyone who has some new game that is worth playing?

Jordan Letourneau: uh they really need to make a game like sword art online, i loved how players had there own shops an had the option to not go in battle, u could even go out in the the country an buy a house, they should have farm options to, soa, is what got me into gaming, we have xbox ones an ps4s now, im sure they have the ability to make a game or mmo like soa, :( also i hope this game is similar, also sao gives u unlimted freedom to do what ever u wanted, u had the ability to ether be a solo player or join guilds if u pleased, in conclushion, i hope they make an mmo, or game for ps4 or xbox one that is like sword art online.

Gauthier: Looks like its going to be my new favorite game! I have been looking for something like this since years, ever since shaiya got ruined...

magician qq: play with bard and u just need to spam healing skill( maining that heal per sec) and auto atk and u win 99% of the time. even through u will end up take ALOT of the time but u will definitly not going to die from a dungeon at least

Sakura Kaname: I like the graphics, outfits and the fact I can jump on roofs xD
I've been playing for a year! And I haven't spent any money .-.

Naughty Lookzz: the graphics are awesome <3
Aura Kingdom - First Look 5 out of 5

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Aura Kingdom - First Look