Aura Kingdom - First Look

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Aura Kingdom - First Look
Aura Kingdom - First Look
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MMO Grinder: Aura Kingdom review
Aura Kingdom - First Look
Aura Kingdom - First Look
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Aura Kingdom Open Beta Trailer
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Aura Kingdom - Beta Trailer
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Aura Kingdom - Archer Skills (War Bow)
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Aura Kingdom - Conceptos Básicos - Español
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CHiLL PiLL: damn this really mind me a lot of FLYFF which i played tons of hours back then..almsot 1000+ hours i guess? i kinda want to try this

Shiina ましろ: Is ths game suited for you if your new to mmorpg? Im planning to play this game but it looks complicated >.<

Adrian Lorentzen: How do you even fight in this game? i downloaded it and i can't attack at all and my enemies rarely attack. I would appreciate any answers

MMOHuts: Hey guys we've got one Platinum and one Diamond Founders pack to give away! Check the description to find out how to enter to win! ~JamesBl0nde

Kage Kaiju: If you love this game, go to the Private Server! No Bots, an amazing community, and a phenomenal Cash Shop with rewards for just being online! Not only that, the mobs xp is quintupled (x5) and so is the loot drop rate so grinding is a lot more enjoyable and the in game economy (gold) isn't sky high broken! What would normally cost 1k and up in gold on the Aeria servers is usually half that XD Granted, I could go on and on all day about this server and it's perks but I'll let you be the judge of that.

kidnick101: I would play it if it wasn't an Aeria game. '-' Hate Aeria. 

CooperThePro: witch charachter is teh strongest and the best chrachter ever?

Mony Kuga: Wait, I just noticed that the dude at 00:20 kicked Grimm! LOL I didn't know the Grenadier could do that as on of the special moves! LOL I just thought the kicking Grimm part was funny. ^_^

HeroOfWar1214: After trying 20+ free MMORPGs, this is the best one I've ever played (aside from WoW, but it isn't free) If any of you have been looking for a good MMO, you have to download this.

MofoTrashcan: The game is either pay to win or grind for 1000 hours + to make a decent character and I'm pretty sure not a lot of people are willing to invest 1000 hours to get decent equips, eidolons, and enchantments.

Aʏᴀ Cʜᴏɪɪ: Maybe You could play it further so you could explain more about it. I have been playing this game for a long time and maybe I could give some more extra tips and information. ^^ 1. This game has proven to be safe because it has a 2nd password. 2. You have 3 character slots to make so you can have fun making characters with different classes! 3. You can buy and sell as much as you want and customize your appearance in the best way~ 4. There are other cool eidolons and items in the homepage so don't you worry of being left out! 5. The game has been UPGRADED so new classes are unlocked!!! MUST check out~ (Scythe, Tachi... etc)

Ⓖⓔⓡⓐⓛⓓⓘⓝⓔ Sᴍɪᴛʜ: I love this game...and there are 3 new classes now

86Corvus: The game is unplayable because you cannot disable click to moove.

Sydney Hicks: I can't play this game anymore I keep on re downloading it and it still doesn't work.😭😭

TheDerp OfHolland: I've been *so* addicted to this game last days... o.o

KettiexD: i've been putting off downloading this, but now I'm on my sibling's laptop :) we'll see how great this game is

BattousaiHBr: does this have "pay to win" mechanics?

TheJigen: Man I was interested in the eidolons, cause I saw "cute pets" on an advertisement for the game, and I was interested in the cute animal type characters it displayed but now I noticed that the eidolons are humanistic entities, and I saw some of the cute animals I wanted to have as my sidekick in the ad as generic mobs :P 

EmoChick Roseman: It seems like a pretty cool game I'm already downloading it 

Kevin Ke: I like how EVERY random nobody that reviews an mmorpg always points out the bad stuff, which isn't all that bad. And in the end, THEY STILL PLAY THE GAME ALL DAY LONG.

hedidit55: Oh and all you see in the game is bots.

jared hk: Should I download this game looks fun been looking for a MMO to get rid of the sour taste that ESO left. Looks fun.

P0TAT0HANDGUN: I sense many Sword Art Online fans joining this

The .Reaper: The lack of free action combat is enough to put me off, they said this has Dynamic combat on the Steam page. No F2P MMORPG or even paid/subscription based MMORPG's match up to Rusty Hearts.. I miss Rusty Hearts :(.

ian neller: can you change your camera angle in combat or are you just bad at mmo's? :D:D 

Monster From Within: too damn lag

Random Sandwich: Help I download the aurakingdom_us_downloader but it's stuck on' '''starting download'''....anyone HELP me?

KaisaNA: Only thing bad with this game is the lack of powers/attacks you can do. There's literally like 10 of them. 10 attacks.

mini chou: Does this game take up alot of space?? I want to play this but I'm worried it might be a really large file. 

L. Rainfell: Found this on steam and I want to try it. Has anyone been playing it for a while now? Is it any good? 

Zabijak426: This game looks nearly like WoW (WorldOfWarcraft)

Steve Dowling: This Game has Unbalanced PVP, also another downer with this game is their Item shop.. The packs especially the Mount packs shouldnt be listed as a mount pack when you dont Get what the pack says.. other then that the game is Great i am a First time anime mmo player an i will admit i like the game, but it needs massive tweaking as i stated above. i hope the game owners read this an improve on the pvp and their packs or items from the item mall.. 

MarsonS18: If you're planning on playing this game. all i have to say is that it is pretty dead these days.. no point in playing considering there isn't any necessary grinding. Party searching is dead and you are lucky to find a group after 5 minutes of waiting. most of the people playing are veterans over level 60+ like i said not much point in wasting time downloading unless you have a group of people dedicated on helping each other 

cmmgray95: i like how the character select screen is literally just the dragon nest character select screen with aura kingdom graphics

Tessa Burrell: i am downloading this game right now and i loooove anime but is this game demanding on your computer?? 

AgentCandy: Never played an anime MMORPG. I think this will serve as a trend for me, because, it's better than most normal MMORPG's out there, and form what I hear, skills, quests mounts, and the gliding feature have been thought out really well.

camuruckum lukas: This or Dragon's Nest

Assassin Gamer: All the people complaining about how easy this game is you're right but it isn't meant for veterans and pros it's meant for new to MMO players.

EggiTheShadow: This game is HORRIBLE, the community is crap, everything is jumbled, so many annoying glitches especially when moving during combat, and worst of all it stole all the players from all the other aeria games, sucking them dry of their playerbase

Marth: Dang, Macs can't get it......

kalliskivike: Guys its a great game and its not pay2win, im lvl 54 Guardian/sorceress and i craft lvl 50 armors (thropies) and get gold weopen for 450 tokens and if you get them then you will be able to win PVP easily.

Black leg Sanji: So it's a "point and click" game? Sorry, even though this looks great I can't stand point and click games. 

TheGeist28: Same P2W bull crap, it is freaking 2015, just got my laptop back from the pawn shop just to run into this bull crap and now I don't have crap to play and also this crap is no where near WoW, Rift etc, stop the bull crap. Even WoW freaking up with the pay crap, 90 level toon for 60 bucks.

Jan Sam: can i run this smooth on 1.87ghz 4gb ram in ultra low settings ?

Xanderjk knopf: hey guys is this anything like archage??

hugo trejo: i was about to download until i heard point and click damn it 

Lavender Moonstone: I got a virus cuz I played this game!? It was so awesome but I can't play it anymore because of that...:/

Ahri Is Awesome: +MMOHuts is this game multiplayer?

Tiago Caetano: Dude in mi Aura the chat and the Misc and everithing is so bigg i cant play becouse is in my vision way, how do u have ur chat and map so small?

Sasuke Uchiha: Can You Tell Me If You Can Play With Friends Online
Aura Kingdom - First Look 4.9 out of 5

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Aura Kingdom - First Look