Aura Kingdom - First Look

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Aura Kingdom - First Look
Aura Kingdom - First Look
Aura Kingdom Gameplay First Look HD -
Aura Kingdom Gameplay First Look HD -
Aura Kingdom - First Look
Aura Kingdom - First Look
Aura Kingdom 2015 review
Aura Kingdom 2015 review

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magician qq: play with bard and u just need to spam healing skill( maining that heal per sec) and auto atk and u win 99% of the time. even through u will end up take ALOT of the time but u will definitly not going to die from a dungeon at least

Sakura Kaname: I like the graphics, outfits and the fact I can jump on roofs xD
I've been playing for a year! And I haven't spent any money .-.

Naughty Lookzz: the graphics are awesome <3

Bảo Hạnh: i'm playing this game and I dont know C1 C2 C3... are :((( which keys i have to use???? Can anyone help me????

TurnX: I quit because i forgot my secondary password :/

darkcat clau: why does his voice remind me of kiritos 😮

Sharya Meck: Lol i hate when games have cool action fighting but then it has oh nvm Lmao XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Anuraag Nair: Anyone playing this game right now? Message me if you are interested in having a questing buddy/buddies XD I would really love the company, and someone to chat with :)

Paul Arnold: Is this similar to wizard101

louie jay Arcelo: This Game is so Ugly!!!!

Loretta Bes: does somebody know a good mmorpg game for rookies (free plz.)

Gaming Nation: Someone please make a Kirito Clan/Guild all kirito join and rekt everything !!

Isabella Kilmore: is there anyone else a katar??

catherine tran: Is this game fun? Will it keep me playing for awhile??

Boba Squid: Sooo bummed!! Took like 5 hours to download... Then another 2 hours.. Then it didn't start... some kind of error. FINALLY, it started after more than a few tries. Then, I got to character creation, went ok. But as soon as I started going on my quest... Window Defender alerted me of 5 viruses. AK shut down. Left my desktop icons huge and my web browser (firefox) when I went online, everything looked magnified, like too big. It was weird. Then I did a full system scan on my PC. Found a ton of malware/viruses. Uninstalled Aura Kingdom. I'm done. Bummed because I really wanted to get into this game. I kind of want to try again but am afraid of messing up my PC.... Uhhhhhg!!! This is one reason why I never stray too far from my consoles, PC drives me crazy when this kind of stuff happens!! Also why I prefer Browser Based games, never had such problems with BBG's. Has anyone had a similar experience with AK??? I got it from Steam. I'm shocked because most of the time I have smooth experiences with Steam. One last thing, I did notice during the final stage of downloading packets, I kept getting a "character error" loading problem file. Clicked closed, then it kept on loading the rest. Let me know you've had a similar experience!

Yasumin Paka: anyone wanna make a guild or such? ;v;

ThatRandomTurtle: Someone help 😭 I keep restarting my characters and the weapon keeps having 1/1 durability. Whyyyy

IWinWithPewPew: reminds me of ROSE online

Danny Vo: Review I spent an hour on for Steam, but since I didn't download it on steam I can't post a review.

Aura Kingdom stands as a testament to everything that is ugly and wrong in MMORPG's. After countless hours playing this game with 2 friends, I can say without a doubt that I absolutely despise this game.

There's quite a bit of diversity of classes and jobs that a player may choose. There is a total of 11 classes to choose from. Does it change up the usual MMO formula? Not really, but it's familiararity will make things easier for first time players.
1) Guardian, which assumes the melee/tank role. 
2) Duelist, which assumes the melee "damage per second" role, aka DPS. 
3) Ravager, which assumes the melee/DPS role. 
4) Wizard, which assumes the ranged/DPS role.
5) Sorcerer, which assumes the ranged/DPS role. (Support)
6) Bard, which assumes the healer/support role.
7) Grenadier, which assumes the ranged/DPS role.
8) Gunslinger, which assumes the ranged/DPS role.
9) Brawler, which assumes the melee/DPS role.
10) Ranger, which assumes the ranged/DPS role.
11) Ronin, which assumes the melee/DPS role.

Each class comes with its own unique special ability, like the Ronin's soul meter, or the Brawler's "charges" for self buffs. This adds a bit of replayability and personality since each class has different skills and animations to go through, if you so choose. 
And you can also "sub" a class at level 40. By subbing a class, you can effectively have 2 classes on the same character, thus increasing your damaging, defending, or supporting capabilities to party members or yourself. You want a tank that doesn't lose aggro? Go Guardian/Duelist, so you can soak up damage whilst adding on "damage over time" debuffs, aka DoTs, on bosses, and never lose aggro. Want a healer that can also contribute to the fight? Bard/Sorcerer or Bard/Wizard can fulfill that role easily, since Bard is the main healer class, and Sorc or Wiz can debuff and stun enemies respectively. 
The game also has a lot of fanservice for its players through dressing up in costumes and hairstyles, and changing the skin of their weapons. 

I'm going to be honest. Even with all of these "varying" classes, THE GAME AND THE COMMUNITY GIVES ABSOLUTELY NO crapS ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE. Running a dungeon with random party members, but your movement speed isn't high enough to keep up with them? YOU'RE OUT OF LUCK. AND IT'S YOUR FAULT FOR NOT KEEPING UP WITH THE REST OF THE PARTY TO ASSUME WHATEVER ROLE YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO TAKE. Chose the healer class, but your gear isn't up to par? DON'T BOTHER HEALING CAUSE EVERYONE freakING SUBS BARD ANYWAY, AND THEY DON'T NEED YOU. Chose the tank role and you can't keep aggro? PREPARE YOUR INBOX WITH A crapSTORM OF HATE MESSAGES AS THEY RAIN DOWN UPON YOUR UNHOLY ASS. You already completed the dungeons to the point of where you have to wait? GO SPEND REAL MONEY TO RESET THE DUNGEON, OR SIT YOUR ASS DOWN AND WAIT FOR THE TIMER TO RESET. YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT, THE GAME'S DUNGEONS COME WITH A TIMER AFTER YOU COMPLETE THEM A SET AMOUNT OF TIMES. AND WE ALL KNOW HOW MUCH WE LOVE WAITING FOR TIMERS TO END SO I CAN PLAY THE GOD DAMNED GAME. And how do you get gold in this game, oh good question, BY RUNNING DUNGEONS OVER AND OVER. 

Oh, you're still going to play this game even with the timers, then guess what, Aura Kingdom comes with a system called "Fishing". You either "manually" fish, and get the bigger fish for a chance of better loot, which consists of weapon crates or armor crates, and then you sell said armor/weapons. Or, you can let the game take the reigns and "auto" fish. How long does it take to fund yourself via fishing? WEEKS UPON WEEKS OF FISHING, SO GO ORDER SOME freakING TAKEOUT, AND PREPARE FOR YOUR ASS TO GET SORE AS YOU SIT THERE FISHING, AND YOUR ENERGY BILL TO SKY HIGH PROPORTIONS BECAUSE YOU NEEDED SOME GOLD FOR ONE PIECE OF GEAR.

You want to customize your character and give your toon some personality? FISH FOR WEEKS, UPON WEEKS TO GRIND UP THE GOLD AND BUY IT OFF THE MARKET. OR, BUY RUBY COINS FROM SOME RANDOM. OR SPEND SOME REAL MONEY TO GET THE RUBY COINS TO USE ON THE PARAGON TABLE. Oh, you're actually going to spend real life money on a costume in a game that only you care about? WELL GOOD LUCK TO YOU, BECAUSE YOU AIN'T GETTING crap, UNLESS YOU LIKE TO GAMBLE YOUR LIFE AWAY. 
The paragon table is a gambling simulator that lets you use "Ruby Coins", where it'll slide an arrow on a row of items, like costumes or buffs. BUT, IF YOU HIT THE SHARDS ON THE FAR LEFT, YOU'RE ONCE AGAIN OUT OF LUCK. So guess what you're expected to do. SPEND SOME MORE OF YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY, OR USE YOUR MOM/DAD'S CREDIT CARD ON SOME freakING RUBY COINS AND HOPE FOR A BETTER OUTCOME. THANKS FOR PLAYING. TEN OUTTA TEN. 

The in-game shop to buy costumes isn't much better. You open a box, and that box contains an assortment of random items, including said costume. BUT, OH LOOK, ANOTHER GAMBLING SYSTEM. I HOPE I CAN GET THE COSTUME INSTEAD OF 1 EXP BOOK, AND 1 TREASURE COUPON HYUK HYUK HYUK...

Aura Kingdom is, and always will be, one of the worst games I have ever had the displeasure of playing. It stands as a testament as everything disgusting and awful about MMORPG's, and takes microtransactions to a blown out of the water proportion. The game's combat mechanics are nothing new. It's another "Tab and push buttons in a specific pattern". Getting to level 60, which is revered as being finished in the game, can only be achieved through the storyline, and that'll take you 4-7 days, 6-8 hours a day, to complete. But getting the end-game gear? You'll have to spend weeks grinding up gold, or selling ruby coins with real money. Merching might yield a bigger intake, but good luck, because the community is absolute garbage. Everyone acts like they're the next top player, or "God", if you will. There's no seamless grouping like you'd find in Guild Wars 2 or Final Fantasy XIV. All that matters, is if your costumes are worth a damn, or if your gear score is out of this world. Great.

All in all, do not spend any of your time on this game. There are hundreds, hell, even thousands of games out there that are worth your time. If you still want to try this game out, please for the love of god, don't cave into spending any money on this game, because we don't need more publishers and game developers thinking that these mechanics are what make a good game.

a nectarine: best part about the game?

you can jump on buildings.
Aura Kingdom - First Look 5 out of 5

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