Aura Kingdom - First Look

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MMO Grinder: Aura Kingdom review
MMO Grinder: Aura Kingdom review
Aura Kingdom - First Look
Aura Kingdom - First Look
Aura Kingdom - First Look
Aura Kingdom - First Look
Aura Kingdom Open Beta Trailer
Aura Kingdom Open Beta Trailer
Aura Kingdom - Beta Trailer
Aura Kingdom - Beta Trailer
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MMOHuts: Hey guys we've got one Platinum and one Diamond Founders pack to give away! Check the description to find out how to enter to win! ~JamesBl0nde

Groudon128: You're talking about this game as if it's actually a thing that people care about. You do know this is one of those generic crappy games that are advertised in pop up ads, right?

Geraldine Smith: I love this game...and there are 3 new classes now

TalaIsDarker: I just started playing today, only because of the removal of Florensia, but till now i luv it

Prince Inšanity: isit similar to SAO?

Kevin Ke: I like how EVERY random nobody that reviews an mmorpg always points out the bad stuff, which isn't all that bad. And in the end, THEY STILL PLAY THE GAME ALL DAY LONG.

Dash doesMC: the little monster things you collect and fight with what are they called? digimon? idlon?

Jacinta Capelety: Just one question. Downloading the game doesn't slow down the computer any does it? The software on my Panasonic tough-book is so outdated that when ever I try to get on the game it says "Unfortunately, your computer is very terrible." and closes itself out. My mom is worried that downloading the game might slow the computer down and that's why she won't let me just use her computer when she's not using it. That's why I'm asking.

Moonlight friend: I'm thinking of downloading it but I'm worried about viruses Pleas tell me if it dose give viruses Thanks in advance (if anyone answers)

Paweł Januszewski: 5:52 But i aggro'ed SKRILLEX over there LMFAO xD

MrCombobreaker315: I just don't want to get into an mmo where it begs me for my money. And I can't progress without giving them money to buy equipment, or even buy the area itself. Would this mmo be like so?

HeroOfWar1214: After trying 20+ free MMORPGs, this is the best one I've ever played (aside from WoW, but it isn't free) If any of you have been looking for a good MMO, you have to download this.

Hypo CriticalZ: I like the ronin class it deals SOO much damage

Alyssa Brand: Decided to watch a trailor before downloading it on steam, reminds me alot of cube world O-o Dont Know Why

AeroViro: I just love that there are such amazing games like these, but people still intend to bitch and moan about it. About the smallest things too. ''Oh I found glitches in the game that are annyoing; Oh using the laucher is annoying; having to log in is annoying'' If you don't enjoy the freaking game don't go looking around videos like these that are supposed to help boost it, just so you can leave your annoying, unimportant hate there. It just pisses me off. Yeah wonderful it is your opinion and it's fine to have it, but you don't have to post it on a video where you find a bunch of people who like it and hope you can get away with it and start thinking people will instantly agree with you. It's never like that and it's annoying. Don't like the Game? Don't go snooping around it's territory. 

MrBlankscole: Are you able to get different armor that has different stats, or are you just stuck with the base armor you get? I understand it's still in beta, so if it's not implemented now it probably will be. But I'm talking as of right now.

Afiq Zakwan: honestly , im interested of this mainly bcs of sao no doubt it was

The New Gamers: I love this been playing it on aeria ignite for a long time and waiting for it to come to steam.

Jack Ujirua: i usaly quit a mmo game in like a week, maybe in a month if i realy enjoy it. ive been playing this for 4 months now i think, and im still enjoying everything about it. if ur like me, and cant find a mmorpg with anime where you can stick around with for a long time, i highly recommend this game.

JR Fresh: A crapty copy of dragon nest.

Braydin Darskii: great great video. thanks for sharing :D

Dale Russell: down loading now

MOVED TO xsummersunsetx: Saw the poster for it when I went to Hong Kong. I really love the game though one of the best MMORPG's I've ever played 

SneakyUmbrella: I tested the game so far and I'm not happy. It starts with the Aeria games f*cking client Aeria Ignite. You have to log in like a million times and also confirm your account the first time like in every window that pops up. You need a second pw for your characters and it's easy to forget if you don't write it down. What else? Oh well, characters don't speak. It's like Zelda where no one says a thing. Maybe it's the style of the game but I don't like that because it makes the game quiet and boring. Even your own character doesn't make any sound when he/she fights. Yeah the fighting system is boring, too. I don't hate that it isn't like Tera but nowdays it's oldschool.. The music annoys me, too. Only the graphics are amazing. And the beginning seems to make it interesting what it isn't after that. I started playing because of this video and I'm disappointed. One of the worst games I've played so far :/ It feels like the reincarnation of Flyff just with a few new things and better graphics.

Evan Larsen: So I started downloading the game and was warned that their may be malicious items from my windows fire wall.. anyone else have the same problem?.. any issues or viruses even the at the slightest virus, tool or maleware? Someone please give an honest answer.. :( With other games ive downloaded of them on my previous PC it seemed like i got viruses from them.. 

PkmnMasterWesley: +MMOHuts Hey do you know what that locked class was? I'd like to know.

Princess Celestia: Looks fun! 

kalliskivike: Guys its a great game and its not pay2win, im lvl 54 Guardian/sorceress and i craft lvl 50 armors (thropies) and get gold weopen for 450 tokens and if you get them then you will be able to win PVP easily.

Seth Larcomb: Gets old fast

wynaut Phan: Does it have an exchange market bc thatll only make the game fun

Alvin bestors: 9:24 Meen you think so mutch like me xDD

vjekoslav katić: what classes exsisst in this game???

Lightbringer09 AJ: Yay I'm downloading this game right now :D 

Undrakh.Erdene Otgonbat: looks lot like Aion class options. i mean Gunslinger and Cannonweilder? yeah just like AION correct me if im wrong

Sahar Nawabi: Wasnt it mmohut without S? 

Viktor Vents: which ones better..this or eden eternal?

bulbo toro: Is this game an OpenWorld? or is it Instance like? Maybe he said it in the video, but i did not hear

MuSicAngelx33: i love this game :)

Toni Gulam: yea this is a kids game, it is not hard to play, you spam your skills and kill enemies... one of bad thing is that conversation with NPCs is not voice recorded, so if you don't want to read it you will just click skip to every chat and than Accept the quest and go kill something.... secondly, the HUD is so large it annoyed me so badly, you can make it smaller to a certain point in options, but not to the point I would find it satisfying. all in all, fun game :D

pedobearapproves: Who plays this crappy game ?

thangQanime: By far Aeria Games' most impressive mmo title. My gf and I are loving the game. Also I'm liking AG's new philosophy: Jumping is for actually moving the character over freaking obstacles, not for show. One thing I hated was that Aeria Game mmos had a worthless jump button. You'd press space but it didn't do anything because there were barriers everywhere. But now they sorta did the opposite. Characters now jump way too high in Aura Kingdom lol. Also not a fan of the glide mode. It's a little OP. It's makes mounts worthless, not sure why they did that. Everything else about the game is brilliant though. Their most fast paced title for sure. It addressed the only problem I thought Eden Eternal suffered from and that was the silly chibi look to the characters. AK is an awesome cel shaded game with correctly proportioned characters. I almost passed on this game because when I saw the gameplay vids, most people played with the stupid faraway almost isometric view camera. Not sure why the freak so many people who AREN'T mage or cleric classes play mmos this way. In dungeons maybe that makes sense to see all around you, but in open fields with white and yellow titled enemies? WHY? Ugly camera. I prefer playing with the camera actually behind the character. Game is much cooler looking that way imo.

pottsisthename: Is this a pay to win game? I was just wondering if in the higher levels you have to buy the best gear to be good at pvp?

Usamipon: hmmmmm gunslinger or duelist not sure if i prefer melee or ranged...

Echelon Auntie: this game is amezing

Arisa W: i started this game over a week ago, and it's really casual and easy going. i like that about this game because i'll admit i don't play competitive games. it's really easy to level up, and all you do are quests, but they give a lot of experience. it's not a grinding game. when you get higher level, the experience from quests won't be the main source of leveling up as fast anymore. people end up focusing more on aesthetics such as costumes and unlocking eidolons. there are daily quests, however, and they give more experience than the regular quests. i think the storyline is interesting too. overall, it's a pretty cute game, and i play for the casualness and customizations.

Elven Hound: Ummm... if the trailer doesn't say it was in game footage.... its 100% for sure not xD

Eddie Medallo: This reminds me of a grown up version of Fiesta Online

Luis Ponce: i really love this game sooo much. im downloading it right now XD

adrian hall: bout the story line, seems familar, more like dragon nest hahaha

Rainer Johnston: I love this game a lot but the resolution when u play the game is pretty small for me and the chat boxes or whatever keep on popping up everytime my mouse goes near it and kinds bloks me from doing what I want to do other that that is a great game. Or if anyone could tell me how to get rid of these issues, that would be great.
Aura Kingdom - First Look 4.9 out of 5

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Aura Kingdom - First Look