Aura Kingdom - First Look

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MMO Grinder: Aura Kingdom review
MMO Grinder: Aura Kingdom review
Aura Kingdom - First Look
Aura Kingdom - First Look
Aura Kingdom - First Look
Aura Kingdom - First Look
AnimeMMOs Review - Aura Kingdom
AnimeMMOs Review - Aura Kingdom
Aura Kingdom Closed Beta Episode 1 - Yandere Chibi
Aura Kingdom Closed Beta Episode 1 - Yandere Chibi

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Russell Lee: i wanted to play this game but im wondering if the server is still active?

christina autumn: downloading this game right now i hope its worth it!

Ampress Shai: come on , you cant tell me that the second eidolon is not from elsword .... -3-

sammy2732: only freaking reason im looking for a good anime mmo is because of Sword Art Online xD <3

Oliwia Kołdej: So this game is a bit like TERA RISING

JeDDy A: why does this game takes a long time to patch?

Starlight Productionz: Currently Thinking:
Free Realms.

애니메이션귀여운: cool ihave this game is misson hard the last one can anyone help me?

EQOAnostalgia: I dig the colors but it has that generic feel all of these F2P games seem to have.

etuna nekwaya: Aura Kingdom Anyone?

Lleyton Alejandro: Actually I play this game its not that hard when you get used to it. :)

KeethKon: The main point of the game is to work hard towards strengthening characters. Anyone can improve themselves with a huge variety of ways. The fun of the game comes from testing classes, having different sub classes and pvping to test the usage of skills to win.

Being able to play different classes in a a day makes grinding and working hard less boring, since each class is different. Recently, there has been an nerf on classes to balance them out and make the game more challenging, while allowing free sub class resets every 10 minutes.

As for pay to win, it does not have to be pay to win and you can get everything you need if you work for it and maybe from having a decent PVE character. Some people did not even have to pay a cent on the game and are pretty pro in game. #loyalty points.

I have already set a goal to fully experience every combination of classes to the fullest and continue to improve them, while clashing with others with different play styles. 

Chaz Odad: love this game <3 in just a week i jumped from lvl 1 to 55 soon to 56 and already in a guild hopefully well get to guild lvl 4 ^-^

rowie chavez: Open world?

Popcorn Chicken: 1:36 That is a sound from Titan Quest.  I've seen so many of these crapty free games stealing sounds from countless good single player rpgs.  Notably stolen sounds have also been taken from the Diablo series and Dungeon Siege as well.

Stocking Anarchy: I'm currently playing this game, but I doubt for any lengthy period of time. 

Good Graphics for what it is.
Standard MMO universal controls. 
Story based with a more appealing story than most free to play.
Everyone gets a pet and those pets are actually very useful.

Cash shop is a completely RNG based. I tried to get two items and after buying them I realized I only had a very small chance at actually getting the items I was paying for. It's the first free to play model that I've seen with an RNG cash shop.

Extremely grindy as with most free to play games. 

Quests are extremely repetitive with a go kill x number of monsters and go back to your quest giver. 

In short there are much better free to play games out there with cash shops that don't actually rip you off and give you items you ultimately didn't want. Would I recommend this game to my friends, family or anyone in general? No I wouldn't. I don't support games that rip you off. This game went from a possible 7/10 to a 4/10 for me. Once I find another anime based game chances are I'll uninstall and switch to something else. This is my opinion and I caution those interested in this game to be wary. Everyone may not share my opinion of the game and that's fine we are all entitled to our own opinions.

Katt Time: I love this game I can't stop playing it >w<

Aura Kingdom - First Look 5 out of 5

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Aura Kingdom - First Look