Aura Kingdom - First Look

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Aura Kingdom - First Look
Aura Kingdom - First Look
Aura Kingdom - First Look
Aura Kingdom - First Look
Aura Kingdom Open Beta Trailer
Aura Kingdom Open Beta Trailer
Aura Kingdom - Beta Trailer
Aura Kingdom - Beta Trailer
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mini chou: Does this game take up alot of space?? I want to play this but I'm worried it might be a really large file. 

MMOHuts: Hey guys we've got one Platinum and one Diamond Founders pack to give away! Check the description to find out how to enter to win! ~JamesBl0nde

Jan Sam: can i run this smooth on 1.87ghz 4gb ram in ultra low settings ?

hugo trejo: i was about to download until i heard point and click damn it 

hedidit55: After playing this game til level 45.... This game is pure garbage.... EVERY monster does no damage. I havent even got down to 80% health, even with a mage class! All you do is run around doing quests that automatically walk you to the quest area, theres no mana so the fighting is just bland with low cooldowns with a few skills.

Kurosaki Ichigo: So it's a "point and click" game? Sorry, even though this looks great I can't stand point and click games. 

Geraldine Smith: I love this game...and there are 3 new classes now

Hypo CriticalZ: I like the ronin class it deals SOO much damage

Kaneki Ken: Aura Kingdom is a great game with a great storyline. I also have a question. When you lv 40 what happens??

TalaIsDarker: I just started playing today, only because of the removal of Florensia, but till now i luv it

AgentCandy: Never played an anime MMORPG. I think this will serve as a trend for me, because, it's better than most normal MMORPG's out there, and form what I hear, skills, quests mounts, and the gliding feature have been thought out really well.

kalliskivike: Guys its a great game and its not pay2win, im lvl 54 Guardian/sorceress and i craft lvl 50 armors (thropies) and get gold weopen for 450 tokens and if you get them then you will be able to win PVP easily.

Prince Inšanity: isit similar to SAO?

Legendary: Never played this game it kinda reminds me of star ocean.

Kevin Ke: I like how EVERY random nobody that reviews an mmorpg always points out the bad stuff, which isn't all that bad. And in the end, THEY STILL PLAY THE GAME ALL DAY LONG.

Dash doesMC: the little monster things you collect and fight with what are they called? digimon? idlon?

hedidit55: Oh and all you see in the game is bots.

Jacinta Capelety: Just one question. Downloading the game doesn't slow down the computer any does it? The software on my Panasonic tough-book is so outdated that when ever I try to get on the game it says "Unfortunately, your computer is very terrible." and closes itself out. My mom is worried that downloading the game might slow the computer down and that's why she won't let me just use her computer when she's not using it. That's why I'm asking.

Moonlight friend: I'm thinking of downloading it but I'm worried about viruses Pleas tell me if it dose give viruses Thanks in advance (if anyone answers)

Rin Kagamine: His voice reminds of kero from card captors in the first movie! It's amazing! I started playing this game today, I'M IN LOVE!!!!

Paweł Januszewski: 5:52 But i aggro'ed SKRILLEX over there LMFAO xD

MrCombobreaker315: I just don't want to get into an mmo where it begs me for my money. And I can't progress without giving them money to buy equipment, or even buy the area itself. Would this mmo be like so?

HeroOfWar1214: After trying 20+ free MMORPGs, this is the best one I've ever played (aside from WoW, but it isn't free) If any of you have been looking for a good MMO, you have to download this.

Alyssa Brand: Decided to watch a trailor before downloading it on steam, reminds me alot of cube world O-o Dont Know Why

AeroViro: I just love that there are such amazing games like these, but people still intend to bitch and moan about it. About the smallest things too. ''Oh I found glitches in the game that are annyoing; Oh using the laucher is annoying; having to log in is annoying'' If you don't enjoy the freaking game don't go looking around videos like these that are supposed to help boost it, just so you can leave your annoying, unimportant hate there. It just pisses me off. Yeah wonderful it is your opinion and it's fine to have it, but you don't have to post it on a video where you find a bunch of people who like it and hope you can get away with it and start thinking people will instantly agree with you. It's never like that and it's annoying. Don't like the Game? Don't go snooping around it's territory. 

MrBlankscole: Are you able to get different armor that has different stats, or are you just stuck with the base armor you get? I understand it's still in beta, so if it's not implemented now it probably will be. But I'm talking as of right now.

Afiq Zakwan: honestly , im interested of this mainly bcs of sao no doubt it was

The New Gamers: I love this been playing it on aeria ignite for a long time and waiting for it to come to steam.

Jack Ujirua: i usaly quit a mmo game in like a week, maybe in a month if i realy enjoy it. ive been playing this for 4 months now i think, and im still enjoying everything about it. if ur like me, and cant find a mmorpg with anime where you can stick around with for a long time, i highly recommend this game.

JR Fresh: A crapty copy of dragon nest.

Chris Parrish: I gave this game a try just because it did look interesting. I have to say I haven't been so addicted to a game since way back in 2003 in my earlier gamer days. I found quite a lot to work towards in this game, the goals are simple, yet have enough depth to be rewarding. At this point I am nearing the 50s and the story is somewhat interesting but the real lock in for me was how early on you acquired good and useful skills and aren't overwhelmed with a bunch of skills that out date and waste space. To top it off there are creative ways to build yourself how you feel would be beneficial for what you have in mind, between stat distribution, skill mastering and the envoy system, you can be somewhat unique if you care to be creative. 

Braydin Darskii: great great video. thanks for sharing :D

Dale Russell: down loading now

MOVED TO xsummersunsetx: Saw the poster for it when I went to Hong Kong. I really love the game though one of the best MMORPG's I've ever played 

Vivian Nguyen: Awesome video but sadly i couldn't download Aura Kingdom because it wouldn't open without window ( i'm using Mac book pro )

Morƒ cbo: i used to play florensia, and im gonna try this game now

gizelle romero: Ok so the narrator sounds like a pessimist, he says alot of bad things like if this game would be soooo hard to play an when he starts saying good things he minimize them like in a "bleh" mood... I dont like him.

Evan Larsen: So I started downloading the game and was warned that their may be malicious items from my windows fire wall.. anyone else have the same problem?.. any issues or viruses even the at the slightest virus, tool or maleware? Someone please give an honest answer.. :( With other games ive downloaded of them on my previous PC it seemed like i got viruses from them.. 

Ender Guy: The only thing I dislike about the game is that further on, like level 40 or 50, it takes forever to level and the quest get way longer, as in killing "X" number of monsters. The game is super interesting early game and most players stop at level 35-45 and continue on to other MMO's, but the game is enjoyable and holds a lot more potential. The game is definitely worth a try for Anime MMO players.

Kashi™: 13:30 HES A BEATER

xblind18: Bots

PkmnMasterWesley: +MMOHuts Hey do you know what that locked class was? I'd like to know.

Intan Syazana: this game is too big? 3 GB ++++ Omg! -.-

Princess Celestia: Looks fun! 

Seth Larcomb: Gets old fast

Ek1ipze: Spent a lot of time in Aura Kingdom with my Level 41 Duelist and Tachi.

Alvin bestors: 9:24 Meen you think so mutch like me xDD

vjekoslav katić: what classes exsisst in this game???

xblind18: Funny how the ranger doesn't have traps but the gun slingers do xD

Lightbringer09 AJ: Yay I'm downloading this game right now :D 
Aura Kingdom - First Look 4.9 out of 5

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Aura Kingdom - First Look