Aura Kingdom - First Look

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Aura Kingdom - First Look
Aura Kingdom - First Look
Aura Kingdom - First Look
Aura Kingdom - First Look
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Aura Kingdom Gameplay First Impressions HD
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[Review]Aura Kingdom [Thai]
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Aura Kingdom Open Beta Trailer

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MMOHuts: Hey guys we've got one Platinum and one Diamond Founders pack to give away! Check the description to find out how to enter to win! ~JamesBl0nde

Ridgeleyy: this looks pretty good, i'll give it a download! it's been a while since i've enjoyed a free mmo.

HeroOfWar1214: After trying 20+ free MMORPGs, this is the best one I've ever played (aside from WoW, but it isn't free) If any of you have been looking for a good MMO, you have to download this.

Casey Miller: Yellow, Folks! If you've found yourself on Hydra, feel free to toss me a hello. My alias is Cynicism. :)

MuSicAngelx33: i love this game :)

garnet1223: Hmm this game actually looks pretty nice. I've been taking a break with mmos..especially since I've grown up a little and also been playing LoL. I'm definitely going to get it soon.

AeroViro: I just love that there are such amazing games like these, but people still intend to bitch and moan about it. About the smallest things too. ''Oh I found glitches in the game that are annyoing; Oh using the laucher is annoying; having to log in is annoying'' If you don't enjoy the freaking game don't go looking around videos like these that are supposed to help boost it, just so you can leave your annoying, unimportant hate there. It just pisses me off. Yeah wonderful it is your opinion and it's fine to have it, but you don't have to post it on a video where you find a bunch of people who like it and hope you can get away with it and start thinking people will instantly agree with you. It's never like that and it's annoying. Don't like the Game? Don't go snooping around it's territory. 

sam yuuki: " kinda remind me of chung from elsword" .... pro gamer respect !

pedobearapproves: Who plays this crappy game ?

SneakyUmbrella: I tested the game so far and I'm not happy. It starts with the Aeria games f*cking client Aeria Ignite. You have to log in like a million times and also confirm your account the first time like in every window that pops up. You need a second pw for your characters and it's easy to forget if you don't write it down. What else? Oh well, characters don't speak. It's like Zelda where no one says a thing. Maybe it's the style of the game but I don't like that because it makes the game quiet and boring. Even your own character doesn't make any sound when he/she fights. Yeah the fighting system is boring, too. I don't hate that it isn't like Tera but nowdays it's oldschool.. The music annoys me, too. Only the graphics are amazing. And the beginning seems to make it interesting what it isn't after that. I started playing because of this video and I'm disappointed. One of the worst games I've played so far :/ It feels like the reincarnation of Flyff just with a few new things and better graphics.

GEEK TV: such a good game

TheSurpleX HUB: My first impression of the game as of this video: Yeahh you lost me at "Tab target Combat" (like there are seriously still mmo's coming out that use this system??) After I played MMO'S like Dragonnest, Vindictus, RaiderZ, Neverwinter, C9, PS02, GW2, Blade & Soul, Skyrim (not an mmo but still...), and the game that mastered real-time combat in an open world; TERA, I cannot go back to a point and click mmo, ever. I would have tried this game if the combat system wasn't 100 years old. Get with the times. With more next gen MMO's like EQN, ESO, Wildstar, Black Dessert Online, Destiny(consoles), and possibly even BnS(NA) coming to the West over the next couple of years, This game simply doesn't stand a chance against it's AAA competition. Not saying its a bad game, I just won't be playing it and it will probably get suffocated by the upcoming competition because of the prehistoric combat system...

Ushio Senpai: can we group up with friends? I didnt see to much group combat

rexxtheawsome: and people are make a whopla about wildstar. this is seriously a gem

Isaac Quintero: the only reason i looked this up is to find out if they are actually real. I always thought it was malware ads

CutePopsicle (◕‿◕✿): How do you download this? Mine starts off and then it gets stuck. x3 Can you get it on like ps3 or something? c:

PT LP: Dragon's Nest clone

Gamez1985: I dig the slight differences in combat movement and execution is what I feel make this possibly worth while. I am shooming off to try it now. For all I know it will be good or bad, don't take this comment either way. What you should take from this comment is that the game was presented well from the designers, advertisers and this reviewer.

Damian Kane: The skill system looks like the licencing system from FF12 to me.

GoldenCatX9: i downloaded it and it doesn't work its shows Black Screen, can someone tell me why?

Grace Wright: Yeash what's with all the negative comments the only problem I had was that I'm not used to the camera not automatically following your character . =|

Red_Blizzard: Aura kingdom is just missing something it missing active people D: I don't blame u if u don't talk (stranger danger) but sometime it get lonely with nobody to talk

Cali Kid: I just don't get it anymore. I played this game and it's not even that fun compare to games out there like tera, raiderz, vindictus, or c9. Most people choose to play aura kingdom instead. What's so fun about AKO?

AvodatGaming: Thank you for showing off this game, I was bored since MoP came out so quite a long time. So I tried this game becouse of your video and I am loving it. I didnt had so much fun in any other MMO then Wow tbc-wotlk

Mimi Strawberrie: This game is one of the best games i've ever played ~ it's worth checking out!

azuller7: So I'm just kinda unclear as to whether it is a themed park mmo or a open world mmo. or perhaps a hybrid?

Vicki Mac: Basically a cross between WoW and Maplestory. Good for being free to play, but not worth it if you have to buy content later on.

Troxist Majin: I feel like I spend too much time trying to figure out which MMORPG I should play next, because I don't wanna pick one that ends up sucking and having a horrible end-game and making me regret choosing it in the first place and wasting my life. Hopefully this MMO stays around for a while and has a good end-game.

Idah Gaffori: something like eden eternal

Knightmare Frame: TO PEOPLE WHO PLAYED THIS GAME FOR OVER 1 MONTH is this open world?would you recommend this game to me?do they have housing system?do they have subclass/many classes over 10atleast?

Dj Thorpe: This looks pretty cool I thing I might give this a shot some day

iDangan RLI: Can you FISH or COOK in the game? Please reply. I really need to know. 

ragiukas: I hope my toaster can handle this game, looks pretty nice.

Ella Doe: Oh man I'm excited about this ^_^

Anti Hype: This game had potential but it sucks. you can't even customize your buttons the way you want, the devs of this are just looking to make a quick buck off people too blind to see that this is nothing but eden eternal with a new gimmick. I swear it's so much like Eden Eternal that i really do think they have a template that they used to make this game.No innovative at all! No thanks Areia!

jessica crest: hey guys i just want to thank you for introducing me to this little Gem of a game i been playing it for almost a week and been loving every minute of it the Eidolons are adorable the game play is so enjoyable and the art style is amazing so thank you for showing me this game exists :3

balance4608: I like this guy better than the other one...

Renz Tayag: I miss iris online.

Lily Lunn: can you computer get damaged by this game? i really wanna download it, but i wanna be sure it's safe.

Mrrr. Bluez: Two questions: can you get a house/guild? And two can you get married? Please answer I am downloading game now.

Kyaw Thant: the pet system= eudemons online's.. combat .. dragonnest and EE .. good mix , should be a good game^^

Jeremy Singh: this game looks pretty nice

Georgi Karagiozov: This game is like AruaRose :?

jojo71410: I'm lvl 50 on this game xD

maximusZ09: does anyone know how to use the same eidolons in the account?? i have one wizard and duelist, both are at level 25, and i have the sigurn eidolon for my wizard, but when i want to use it with my duelist, the game does not let me use it, it says that sigurn is bounded to the wizard....

Thomy Lam: why dafuq does it take forever to download

HeinekoTV: Just to let you guys know atm its not pay to win ofc. but later after this "hype" is gone and items getting stable prices & "cash items only" comming out ( now you thinking like ... "how he know that there is going to be ""cash items only"" il can tell you how i know that:" this is Aeria Games xD ) Isnt the first time that they publish Taiwan games and make a sh1t load of money in Europe and America. Ive played several of their games and there wasnt any game so far wich wasnt pay to win. There is 2 things wich are going to make you pro at all. #1. No life and farm your ass off #2. Cash, Cash, Cash If you like to get called noob in Pve by 14 Years old rich kids, go for it. And if you like to get pwnd in pvp like nothing, go for it. Well, this is my point of view.

Auraknight228: Defenely chung from elsword

Rizape: looks awesome in my opinion, definitely going to have to try it if I get a chance!

odi vanila: just wait it will come.. im ready,,, let's go party..!!
Aura Kingdom - First Look 4.9 out of 5

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Aura Kingdom - First Look